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Weekly tech news roundup image

Weekly tech news roundup

This week: an updated Messenger is coming, Zelda's coming to your pocket, everyone's wondering how WannaCry hackers are going to get their money, and the iPad Mini may be going the way of the Dodo. Also, check out: new trailers for some geeky shows, an alarm your teenager needs, and get the scoop on the latest from Google and Amazon.
Alert: Caller ID spoofing still a popular scam image

Alert: Caller ID spoofing still a popular scam

Caller ID is a brilliant piece of technology that lets you see who is calling before you pick up. (Seriously, who hasn’t used it to avoid a call from a telemarketer?) But, here’s what you might not know: the information displayed on Caller ID can be faked. Scammers spoof the information that appears on your phone’s display to trick you into thinking someone important is calling.
Scam alert: DocuSign phishing attack image

Scam alert: DocuSign phishing attack

DocuSign has acknowledged a breach of their customer and user email addresses. As a result, the email addresses are now the target of a malicious email campaign. TDS is encouraging customers to be cautious. If you receive an email from DocuSign, with an attachment or link, be careful. For more information, contact DocuSign.
Cheap Tunes Tuesday image

Cheap Tunes Tuesday

Some musicians are iconic for the music, some for their personal lives, and some for who they became after their music career was finished. Today’s featured artist is world renowned for all three. His time in one of the greatest bands in history is legend, but his solo career was nothing to shake a stick at either. With 55 million albums sold solo and well over 100 million with the band—it’s easy to argue he deserves legendary status.