You can pay your TDS bill using four methods. You can enroll in TDS ePay, use your bank or financial institutions bill payment service, you can use a Sav-a-Check, or make a rush payment via phone or My Account. Learn more about these methods below.

To pay electronically:

  • Enroll in TDS ePay, our free online bill payment service, in your TDS Online Account. You control how you pay each month and eliminate paper bills from being mailed to you. 
  • Use your bank or financial institution's electronic bill payment service (allow adequate
      time for processing. A fee may apply, depending on your bank's rules. Ask your
      bank for details.);
  • Use Sav-a-Check, a free service that automatically debits your checking or savings
      account each month for the exact amount of your bill. You continue to receive paper
      bills. To sign up, call 1-800-696-0889 or complete the
    Authorization for SAV-A-CHECK Automatic Bill Payments form
      and send along with a voided check (or provide the Financial
      Institution's Routing Number) to:
                 PO Box 608
                 Lancaster, WI 53813

To pay by check

  • Mail your payment and bill stub using the envelope provided with your TDS bill
      (allowing 10 days for processing). Don't have the TDS- provided envelope? Here's the
      TDS bill payment address:
                   TDS Payment Center
                   P.O. Box 94510
                   Palatine, IL 60094

 To pay with cash:

  • Use a Western Union Agency (allow 3 days for processing, a fee may apply). 
  • Make a payment at a Wal-Mart Service desk: present your current remittance stub (cash or PIN-based debit card required; a fee may apply).

Is your payment due in the next couple of days? Avoid a late payment fee by making a rush payment with TDS:

  • Speak with a TDS Advisor by calling 1-877-239-1600. Requires a bank account, debit
       card, or credit card. A fee applies. 
  • Process an online rush payment at or
    • Choose the "Rush Payment" option online
    • Requires a bank account, debit card, or credit card. A fee applies.


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