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Westworld is binge-worthy television image

Westworld is binge-worthy television

On the surface, Westworld is fantastic plot-driven television, but beneath it are many layers. It can get pretty cerebral, but in a very good way. The show explores themes of technology, history, and even consciousness. With the first season wrapping up, we think there are plenty of reasons to binge-watch this show in time to watch the finale on Sunday night!
Weekly tech news roundup image

Weekly tech news roundup

Netflix has a new feature we've all been waiting for, there's a way to make your selfies look professional, and you should probably check your Android for some new malware that's making the rounds. Also, check out a Kickstarter for an origami microscope (yes, I'm serious!), and find out why space travel is making astronauts near sighted.
Last Chance to Get STARZ for 50% off! image

Last Chance to Get STARZ for 50% off!

We haven’t been this excited since a scruffy band of renegades took out the first Death Star. Sign up now for STARZ® and you’ll get your first six months half off. Find out what good stuff you'll get to watch while saving some serious cash.
Holiday Party karaoke comes to TDS TV image

Holiday Party karaoke comes to TDS TV

We’ve got the perfect way to kick your holiday party up a notch. Invite your guests to sing along to everyone’s favorite songs and carols by grabbing your TDS TV® remote.