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Your TDS TV User Interface Is Getting An Upgrade image

Your TDS TV User Interface Is Getting An Upgrade

TDS TV’s user interface is getting a whole new look. Don’t worry, your DVR, on-screen guide and remote will still… more...
Weekly tech news roundup image

Weekly tech news roundup

Yahoo makes history with possibly the biggest data breach ever, the government tries to get in front of self-driving cars, and Google has just made being a tourist that much easier. Also, you can now buy cheap photo prints from Amazon (maybe) and Mark Zuckerberg and his wife announced a jaw-dropping charitable initiative.
Cheap Tunes Tuesday image

Cheap Tunes Tuesday

What if you start a band, sell a bunch of albums and become part of the mainstream, but critics don’t seem to think your music is worth listening to? How is it possible to be nominated for four Grammy Awards but all of your records have been a "C" type of rating? Today’s band has managed to do just that and today you can score their most popular album for $5.

Seen on Pinterest: Easy Filling (Yet Healthy) Fall Side Dishes

As the leaves fall and temperatures get cooler, we turn to warmer, heartier dishes to find comfort. But comfort food doesn’t always have to mean carbs, carbs, carbs. These veggie-focused side dishes use the bounty of the season to create filling, yet not fattening, side dishes for this week’s Seen on Pinterest.