What are third party charges?
Third-party charges are charges from companies other than TDS, which appear on TDS bills. An example is a charge for an operator-assisted call or a collect call received on your phone. The company carrying the call will send the charge to TDS to place on your bill. When you pay it, TDS sends the money for that call to the company that carried it.

How do they affect me?
Sometimes third-party charges are not authorized. This is a practice called cramming. If you see charges from third-party billers on your phone bill that you do not recognize or did not authorize, call a TDS Advisor at 1-888-225-5837.

Can I stop third-party charges from appearing on my bill?
Yes. You can permanently block third-party charges from appearing on your bill. Simply call 1-888-225-5837 and ask a TDS Advisor to add a third-party billing block to your phone account. Also ask for a collect-call block to stop anyone from calling you collect.

Can I block collect calls?
Yes, call 1-888-225-5837 and ask a TDS Advisor to add a collect-call block to your account. This will stop collect calls before your phone even rings. It will also add your phone number to a national database, which prevents collect calls from being placed to your phone number.

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