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Weekly tech news roundup image

Weekly tech news roundup

New hardware from Apple and Microsoft are making waves. More details are emerging about last week's whole-internet hack. There's some new allergy tech that could save lives, plus, guess what just turned 15 years old? Hint: it has a Click Wheel.
Cyberbullying Awareness and Prevention image

Cyberbullying Awareness and Prevention

As we dive deeper into the digital age, younger children now called “technology natives.” But, despite being familiar with this brave new world, they’re still susceptible to the potential harms new technologies can bring—including cyberbullying. Because October is National Bullying Prevention Month, it a great time to check in with your teens and pre-teens and applyHere are ways to help prevent your child from being cyberbullied or cyberbullying others:
World Series game time moved up! image

World Series game time moved up!

In case you haven’t heard, tonight’s World Series game was bumped up. It will start at 7 EST/6 CDT/4 PST with the pregame show beginning a half hour before. Your onscreen guide may not reflect this last-minute change so grab your peanuts and Cracker Jack early!

Cheap Tunes Tuesday

Today I’m listening to Costello’s third studio album, Armed Forces. A reporter from the New York Post took to the album right away, saying it was a “killer in several senses of the word.” The album is known for brief, energetic tracks, with lyrics that seemed to stick with you. Perhaps this record isn’t a full indication of his entire catalog, but it’s a fun blend of synthpop, a bit punk rock, and a bit of new wave sort of wrapped into one. Generally speaking, you could easily mistake this for something that came out last week.