Terms of Service apply to TDS products and services. To review them, visit tdstelecom.com/tos.

To review TDS’ Privacy Statement, visit tdstelecom.com/privacy.

Promotions: If you are taking advantage of a promotion early termination fees may apply. After promotional period, standard rates apply. To view promotional terms and conditions visit tdstelecom.com/terms and/or tdstv.com/terms.


Subject to restrictions under applicable law, if any, You shall be responsible for the full monthly charges (without pro-ration) for those Services that are offered on a monthly subscription basis to which You are subscribed, regardless of Your termination of such monthly Services prior to the conclusion of the respective subscription month. Notwithstanding the foregoing, pro-ration of monthly charges shall be permitted with regard to: (a) any active military persons who need to disconnect because of a deployment; and (b) TV and data equipment leased from TDS.



Actual speeds experienced by customers vary and are not guaranteed. Speed ranges shown are expressed as “up to” to represent network capabilities between customer location and the TDS network. Speeds vary due to factors, including: distance from switching locations and external/internal network conditions. A $15 service charge will apply to existing customers who switch plans without increasing speed or adding qualifying service.


Remote PC Support: Home visits are not offered as part of the service. All troubleshooting of PCs, mobile devices, and home-network components is done over the phone, chat, or remote Internet session. TDS does not guarantee Remote PC Support can solve all problems. Remote PC Support services are subject to the TDS Terms of Service at tdstelecom.com/tos. One-time service: one-time charge will appear on your next TDS bill. Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. Subscription service: billed monthly. Requires 12-month commitment. $50 Early Termination Fee applies. TDS Wi-Fi+: Wi-Fi+ service includes base station and one (1) Beacon. Additional Beacon(s) are available for an additional monthly fee. All troubleshooting of PCs, mobile devices, and home-network components is done over the phone, online chat, or remote Internet session. Home visits are not offered as part of this service. TDS does not guarantee Wi-Fi+ support can solve all problems. Other internet equipment may be required and normal fees apply. In-home installation fee of $49.95 applies when self-install is available. Handling fee may apply. Requires TDS Internet Service. TDS Wi-Fi+ Security Pack: Includes Wi-Fi+, TDS Internet Security, and Remote PC Support. All previously paid monthly fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. TDS Wi-Fi+: Wi-Fi+ service includes base station and one (1) Beacon. Additional Beacon(s) are available for an additional monthly fee. Other internet equipment may be required and normal fees apply. In-home installation fee of $49.95 applies when self-install is available. Handling fee may apply. TDS Internet Security: does not affect Internet connection speeds. Subscriptions are available in 3 and 10 license packs and cover PC, Android, Mac and iOS. Other operating systems are not covered. Other anti-virus software must be removed from your device before installing TDS Internet Security. Not all product features are available on all device types. Hacker Alert availability varies. Requires TDS High-Speed Internet service and IE 7+, Firefox 2+, Safari 2+, or Opera 9+. For complete functionality (including threat removal steps), user must run Windows XP or later on a PC. If you run an older operating system, use a MAC, or access the system through a non-computer device, only detection and notification services are provided. TDS Backup Online, provided by App Help, is available to current TDS High-Speed Internet customers. Content cannot be transferred to another account. In the event customer cancels service, they have 90 days to manually retrieve their data. After 90 days access will be denied. Delinquent accounts may lose the ability to access uploaded content and content on storage servers may be deleted. TDS is not responsible for any loss of data or content stored. TDS Backup Online is subject to the terms of TDS’ privacy policy at tdstelecom.com/privacy, TDS’ Terms of Service policy at tdstelecom.com/tos, and TDS’ Acceptable Use Policy at tdstelecom.com/use. Data transfers may be subject to limitations, per policies listed.

TV: Listed prices are for residential customers who subscribe to TV service from TDS. Prices do not include federal, state, or local taxes and fees. All prices, packages and programming subject to change without notice. After install, there may be a fee to change products/services. Equipment provided by TDS must be returned upon termination of service or unreturned equipment charges will apply. Return shipping charges may apply. Some channels are not available in all areas. TDS TV Wireless set-top box or TDS TV+ wireless receiver signal quality/range may vary depending on interference, obstructions, and home construction. If signal quality/range is not sufficient, a wired set-top box may be required. Normal fees apply. Sports programming is subject to in-market availability and blackouts. Customer is responsible for applicable video-on-demand and pay-per-view charges. TV Everywhere requires a tdstelecom.com email address and Internet access. Customer receives TVE access to channels in their TDS TV subscription. Type and amount of content available for each network is determined by network, and subject to change. Use of parental controls can restrict or filter programming available. TDS TV+ On Demand: Parental controls can be used to restrict and/or filter programming. Customer will receive on-demand content based on the channels in their TDS TV+ subscription. TV network determines type and amount of content available, which is subject to change. NFL RedZone © 2020 NFL Enterprises LLC. Team names/logos/indicia are trademarks of the teams indicated. All other NFL-related trademarks are trademarks of the National Football League. TDS TV+: A minimum of 1 receiver and a maximum of 10 receivers are allowed per account. Compatible equipment is required, and in order to use the TDS TV+ Receiver over Wi-Fi, you must have a wireless router with 802/11ac Wi-Fi. Normal fees apply. Streams are utilized and provisioned over your internet connection. Bandwidth may restrict the resolution and the number of concurrent TV streams delivered to home; impacting the number of programs a customer can watch at the same time. Customers electing Standalone TDS TV+ service will be limited to 5 streams over TDS TV+ Receivers before video signal is impacted. TDS TV+ may not be available at all TDS service locations. Cloud DVR functionality is included with TDS TV+ and requires a TDS TV+ Receiver and optional monthly DVR storage fee. Downgrading DVR storage or recording content without available storage will result in deleted recorded content. When content is deleted it will be based on the oldest recorded content first, unless specified to keep ‘as long as possible.’ All content, even content marked ‘as long as possible,’ will automatically be deleted as space is needed for new recordings. Based on network requirements a limited number of network recordings will expire automatically after 90 days from the date it was recorded. A limit of 10 programs can be recorded simultaneously. TDS TV+ App: Features and functionality are subject to change. TDS Telecommunications reserves the right to determine the timing and content of software updates, which may be automatically downloaded and installed by TDS products without prior notice to you. We do not endorse or warrant the performance of any included third-party apps or advertised third-party products or services which are accessible from the TDS TV+ Receiver. Your use of third-party apps is subject to the terms of use and privacy policy of the app provider. You may register a maximum of 7 unmanaged (customer owned) personal devices. A maximum of 5 unmanaged devices can concurrently stream live content. You can manage your registered devices by logging into your TDS My Account. Live content can only be streamed while your unmanaged device is on the same local network as your TDS managed device(s). Standalone video customers will not have the ability to use unmanaged devices to view video. TDS reserves the right to determine which unmanaged devices are allowed to function with TDS TV+. To see which devices are capable please visit tdstelecom.com.

DISH Network Satellite TV: See DISH.com for terms and conditions.


For a list of features included in your package visit tdstelecom.com. Caller ID feature requires compatible phone or device. Long distance minutes are domestic for both Inter and IntraLATA. Minutes over the monthly allocation are billed at 10¢/minute. Unlimited long distance is for residential voice service. Misuse (including auto-dialing, permanent call forwarding, three-way calling, and other non-residential uses) may result in immediate suspension, restriction, or service cancellation. Extended local calling minutes over the monthly allocation are billed at applicable rates.

Attention customers with fiber-delivered phone service: Your TDS Home Phone service requires electricity to work. That means if the power goes out, you will be unable to use your home phone service (including making 911 calls) unless you have a Battery Backup Unit. As mentioned when you ordered your service, qualifying customers can purchase a Battery Backup Unit from TDS for a one-time fee. If you have not ordered a Battery Backup Unit and would like to, call 1-888-CALL-TDS (1-888-225-5837). When fully charged, a Battery Backup Unit powers phone service for up to 24 hours during a power outage (depending on usage), letting you make and receive calls from a corded phone. Things to Know: 1) The Battery Backup Unit only powers your TDS Phone service, which will only work with a corded phone. 2) The Battery Backup Unit will NOT power a cordless phone, your Internet, or your TV service. 3) Although a Battery Backup Unit will NOT power a home-monitoring or medical-alert system, it will support the calling service needed to transmit data to those systems. 4) To preserve phone service during a power outage, limit the use of your phone to emergency calls only. Do not turn off the Battery Backup Unit to save the battery as this could prevent the receipt of emergency calls. 5) Alternative sources of backup power may be available, including generators. What’s more, a charged cell phone may provide the backup phone service you need, if your home phone service goes out. 6) If a Battery Backup Unit is purchased, TDS supplies the initial battery for it. Subsequent batteries, the disposal of old batteries, as well as maintenance, testing, and monitoring of the unit are the customer’s responsibility. To learn more about Battery Backup Units, visit tdstelecom.com/battery. To order a Battery Backup Unit for your phone service, call 1-888-CALL-TDS (1-888-225-5837). Battery Backup Units: TDS is not liable for interruptions of service due to power outages. Installation fees may apply. Environmental conditions including temperature and humidity could reduce the backup power time available and life of the battery. Batteries will degrade over time. Customer is responsible for maintenance, monitoring, and disposal of battery. Monitoring lights and testing buttons are located on the front of the power supply. Subsequent batteries for the unit may be available from online retailers or specialty battery stores, and can be self-installed. Prices may vary. Check the manufacturer’s user manual for type of battery required, installation instructions, and operating instructions. No warranties apply. Subsequent Battery Backup Units may be available from TDS.

Free Call Blocking Available: Free call blocking of costly 900/976 pay-per-call services is available. For details on how you can block these calls, consult your TDS Telephone Directory or call TDS Customer Service at 1-888-CALL-TDS (1-888-225-5837).


Wisconsin and Washington Customers Note:

Prices do not include federal, state, or local taxes and fees. Terms of service (available at tdstelecom.com/tos) apply and may change without notice. Most services are subscription-based, which means refunds or credits do not apply if you cancel before the end of your billing period. You are responsible for charges incurred before canceling. Some services may require a term agreement; early termination fees (ETF) apply (e.g. 24-month TDS Fiber Internet agreement may have a $50 ETF; 12-month Remote PC subscription has a $50 ETF; Customers switching Star Package phone plans after 35 days may incur a $7.50 fee). Cancelling any part of a Bundle forfeits any bundle promotional pricing that may apply.

Attention Minnesota Business Customers with Caller ID Service:

The optional service known as Caller Identification or “Caller ID” allows you to identify a caller before you answer your telephone. A caller’s number and/or name are displayed either on your phone (if your phone has this feature) or on an external display unit that you can buy separately. The number and/or name will appear on the display unit or on your phone after the first ring. This service also lets you identify yourself to the person you are calling. Caller ID service, however, is susceptible to fraud. Using a practice known as “caller ID spoofing,” disreputable parties can deliberately falsify the telephone number relayed as the Caller ID number to disguise the identity and originator of the call. Congress passed the Truth in Caller ID Act of 2009 and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued rules in 2011 prohibiting this practice and established civil and criminal penalties. For more information regarding this fraudulent practice, please visit the FCC regulatory consumer information website at: https://fcc.gov/consumers/guides/spoofing-and-caller-id.


Slamming, also known as an unauthorized change, means your local or long-distance telephone service was switched to a different provider without your authorization. Any company that has switched your service without your permission must pay all the charges incurred to change you back to the original service. If you’ve been slammed, you can contact the Unauthorized Carrier to request that the service be changed back. This switch back to the Original Carrier will be made as quickly as possible, but no later than 30 days after your request. You also can request that your local exchange company “freeze” your choice of long distance carrier. If you’ve incurred charges for service with the Unauthorized Carrier, the Unauthorized Carrier is obligated to forward the relevant billing information to the Original Carrier. You won’t be responsible for any of the unpaid charges you incurred during the first 90 days of unauthorized service. The Original Carrier can’t legally bill you for unauthorized charges you incurred during the first 90 days of unauthorized service, but can bill you at the original rates for unauthorized charges incurred after the first 90 days. If you’ve made payments to the Unauthorized Carrier, the Unauthorized Carrier must send 100 percent of those payments to the Original Carrier, and the Original Carrier must then credit the full amount to your account. Cramming, also known as an unauthorized charge, means charges for additional services that have been added to your telephone bill without your authorization. A telecommunications company is required to return your authorized service to its original state if you’ve been crammed. The company cannot legally charge you for a return to your original authorized service provisions. The company must give you a refund or credit, at your choice, for any amount paid for an unauthorized charge. If the unauthorized charge isn’t refunded or credited within two billing cycles, the company must pay interest on the unauthorized charge to you at an annual rate set by the Arizona Corporation Commission until it’s refunded or credited. You are obligated to pay undisputed charges. Slamming & Cramming Contact Information: If you’ve been slammed or crammed, you can report it by contacting the Arizona Corporation Commission at 1200 W. Washington Street, Phoenix, AZ 85007, by calling 1-800-222-7000, or visiting azcc.gov/divisions/utilities/consumerservices.asp. For more information about slamming and cramming, please feel free to contact TDS by mail at PO Box 94510, Palatine, IL; by calling 1-888-225-5837; by visiting tdstelecom.com.

AVISO SOBRE LOS DERECHOS DE LOS CLIENTES RELACIONADOS CON LOS CAMBIOS Y CARGOS NO AUTORIZADOS EN EL SERVICIO TELEFÓNICO: Cambio no autorizado (Slamming): “Slamming”, también conocido como “cambio no autorizado”, quiere decir todo cambio efectuado a su servicio telefónico local o de larga distancia realizado sin su consentimiento.Cualquier compañía que haya cambiado su servicio sin su autorización, deberá pagar todos los cargos incurridos durante el proceso de cambio al servicio original. Si usted ha sido victima de un cambio no autorizado, usted podra contactar la compania no autorizada y solicitar que su servicio sea cambiado a su compania original. El cambio de regreso a la compañía original debe hacerse tan pronto como sea posible y no debe exceder un plazo de 30 días posteriores a su solicitud. En adicion, usted podar solicitar que su compania de servicio telefonico bloquee su opcion a su servicio telefonico de larga distancia. Si usted ha incurrido en cargos por servicio con la compañía no autorizada, dicha compañía está obligada a enviar la información de facturación pertinente a la compañía original. Usted no sera responsable por ninguno de los cargos pendientes que incurra durante los primeros 90 dias del servicio no autorizado. La compañía original no podrá legalmente facturarle por los cargos no autorizados que incurrió durante los primeros 90 días del servicio no autorizado, pero podría cobrarle la tarifa original los cargos no autorizados incurridos después de los primeros 90 días. Si usted ha pagado los cargos a la compañía no autorizada, dicha compañía deberá pagar los mismos a razón de 100% a la compañía original. Entonces, la compañía original abonará los cargos pagados a razón de 100% a la cuenta de cargos autorizados del cliente. Cargo no autorizado (Cramming): “Cramming”, también conocido como “cargo no autorizado”, quiere decir tener cargos adicionales en su cuenta de teléfono que usted no autorizó ni verificó. Si usted ha sido víctima de un cargo no autorizado en su cuenta, la compañía de telecomunicaciones es responsable de cambiar su servicio autorizado a la forma original. Dicha compañía no esta legalmente autorizada a cobrarle a usted por el cambio a las disposiciones del servicio original autorizado. Dicha compania deberá reembolsarle o abonarle, según su selección, la cantidad pagada por el servicio no autorizado. Si la compania no le reembolsa o abona el cargo no autorizado dentro de un plazo de dos ciclos de facturación, la Compañía debera pagar intereses sobre el cargo no autorizado a una tasa de interés anual establecida por la Comisión Corporativa de Arizona (Arizona Corporation Commission, ACC) hasta que se reembolse o abone la cantidad debida. Usted sera responsable de pagar los cargos no disputados.

Informacion de como comunicarse en caso de ser victima de “cambios y cargos no autorizados”: Si usted ha sido victima de “cambios y cargos no autorizados” en su servicio telefonico, usted podra comunicarse con la Comision Corporativa de Arizona al 1200 W. Washington Street, Phoenix, AZ 85007 o llamar al 1-800-222-7000 o en linea a azcc.gov/divisions/utilities/consumerservices.asp. Si usted desea obtener mas informacion acerca de los “cambios y cargos no autorizados”, por favor comuniquese con TDS Telecom al PO Box 94510, Palatine, IL 60094-4510, o llamando al 1-888-837-8020 o en linea a tdstelecom.com.

Attention New York Residents:

New York residential telephone customers have the option to receive large print bills. Large print is defined as a 16 pt. font or larger. Because the physical size of the bill will be larger, it will need to be mailed via an oversized mailing tube. If you would like to receive large print bills from TDS, please contact us at 1-888-CALL-TDS (1-888-225-5837).



Charges for your local and optional services are billed one month behind. Because of this, your first bill after establishing service or adding new products or services to existing service will include only the number of days you had the service before the billing date. In addition, charges for connecting or changing your services usually appear on the first bill. The second bill you receive will be a regular one-month bill. Bills for service will be mailed every month. The bill normally includes charges for basic local service, optional services, and may include long distance charges from TDS or other companies that have contracted with us to perform billing functions.

A late payment fee equal to 0.26% of your total amount due, will apply for any balance that remains on your account after the pay-by-date (due) listed on your bill.


To verify the accuracy of your bill and to obtain answers to questions you may have about your bill, call the toll-free number listed on your bill.


TDS offers a number of convenient payment options:

  • TDS ePay online payment: easily pay your bill using a credit card, debit card, or checking. Plus, choose the date and amount of your payment. To set up your account, visit tdstelecom.com/myaccount for residential or tdsbusiness.com/myaccount for business. Payments post within 1-2 days.
  • Rush Payment: pay your bill online using a credit card, debit card, or check. This service is available 24/7 by choosing the Rush Payment option on tdstelecom.com. There is a fee for using this option, but payments post immediately.
  • Self Service phone payment: call 1-888-CALL-TDS (1-888-225-5837) to pay your bill by credit card, debit card, or check. This automated service is available 24/7. There is a fee for using this option, but payments post immediately.
  • Pay by mail: send appropriate payment via mail to:

TDS Telecom
PO Box 94510
Palatine, IL 60094-4510

Mailed payments take up to 7-10 business days to post to your account.

To make an immediate payment, please call TDS Financial Services at 1-800-696-0889. Advisors are available Monday - Friday, 7 am to 6 pm CST. There is a fee for using this option, but payments post immediately.


TDS does not require deposits for service.


We don’t want to disconnect your service. We will work with you to resolve problems. However, if you refuse to cooperate, we have the right to start disconnection procedures if:

• You do not pay or agree to a payment plan on undisputed amount overdue for the provision of Basic Service. • You are using the service without having applied for it. • Your use poses a safety risk to others or the network. • You fail to comply with a decision of the Maine Public Utilities Commission or its Consumer Assistance Division. • Your premises are clearly abandoned.

We may not disconnect your basic service for/when: • The non-payment of toll or other non-basic services/optional services. • You have properly notified us and been approved of a Medical Emergency. • You have paid us by a check that is not honored by the bank or is non sufficient.

We will reconnect your basic service upon your request when: • Delinquent payment has been applied to your account or you have set up a Payment Arrangement.

Service will be reconnected within one business day if the request for reconnection is made within 10 days following the disconnection of your service. Non-payment charges for reconnection of local services are $15.00. Reconnection for high-speed Internet is $25.00. If your request for reconnection is made more than 10 days after disconnection, you will be required to reapply for service.

When you want your basic service disconnected you must tell us. Advanced notice is not required. We will bill you for service until your service is disconnected.


If you have any questions or complaints, please call us. TDS advisors are available during business hours to answer your questions, set up a payment plan, and resolve disputes.

If you disagree with our answer, you have a right to appeal to the Consumer Assistance Division (CAD), of the Maine Public Utilities Commission, 18 State House Station, Augusta, Maine 04333. You can call the CAD at 207-287-3831 or toll free at 1-800-452-4699. Before you call or write the Commission you must give us a chance to respond to your complaint.

We cannot disconnect your basic service for a disputed amount, but you do have to pay the portion of the bill that is not in dispute. If you contact us before the service is disconnected and we cannot agree on a payment plan or other requirements to stop disconnection, you can appeal to the MPUC as described above.


If being without service would pose a danger to any member of your household (presence of a life support system, for example) notify us using the number on your bill. We will put you on a priority list to restore service as soon as possible.


If you want another person to receive a copy of any bills and disconnection notice we send you, please let TDS know. We will send a copy to the person you designate, but you are still responsible for payment. This service may be especially important for our elderly, disabled, and handicapped customers.


We may need to interrupt your service on occasion to repair or maintain our equipment. When possible, we will let you know why and how long you can expect to be without service. If we plan to interrupt service to more than 10 customers or for more than 3 hours, we must give you at least 24-hour notice. (This does not apply to utilities with less than 1,500 residential customers.) We will give you more notice whenever possible. If your service must be interrupted without notice for more than 3 hours due to storms or other emergencies, we will try to let you know as soon as possible how long you are likely to be without service.


We cannot guarantee the uninterrupted working of services and facilities. In the event of an interruption, which is not due to the negligence or willful act of the customer, a credit may be provided for the time service(s) were interrupted.


TDS Customer Service (Residential): 1-877-837-8372

TDS Customer Service (Business): 1-888-837-3050

Consumer Assistance Division (CAD) of the Maine Public Utilities Commission
18 State House Station
Augusta, Maine 04333

Attention Vermont Residents: TDS Elected Regulatory Flexibility:

Effective July 5, 2005, TDS Telecom elected to utilize the regulatory flexibility provided by Act No. 73, 30 V.S.A. § 227d. This allows us to provide you with the high quality, innovative services you have come to expect while still complying with consumer protection rules and regulations. Current rate schedules are still available for public inspection at the Vermont Public Service Board or by calling 1-888-CALL-TDS (1-888-225-5837). Complaint Resolution Information: If you are not satisfied after discussing any matter with your telephone company representative, you may request the assistance or advice of the Consumer Affairs and Public Information (CAPI) Division of the Vermont Department of Public Service at 112 State Street, Drawer 20, Montpelier, VT, 05620-2601, or by telephone at 1-800-622-4496 from 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. or via email: psd.consumer@vermont.gov. If CAPI is unable to resolve your dispute, ask CAPI to provide you with information on how to submit your dispute for resolution by the Public Service Board.