The ultimate in versatility! This set-top box allows you to watch TDS TV from any location around your house (porch, deck, garage, basement)—all you need is your TV, the wireless set-top box, and a power outlet.  No cable jack is required, so you’re no longer tethered to a specific spot or wall to watch TV.

Perfect for indoor/outdoor entertaining, or just finally arranging your furniture the way you want it.

How many Set-Top Box Receivers to I need?

You'll need a Set-Top Box Receiver for each TV you plan to connect, except for the one TV that will host the Connected-Home DVR.  So if you plan to connect 3 TVs in total, you will need 1 Connected-Home DVR and 2 Set-Top Box Receivers. 

Note for current customers wishing to add additional set-top boxes: A $39.95 fee applies to install additional set top boxes to your current TDS TV service. A technician is required to install the additional box(es), and you will be contacted to schedule an appointment after your order is submitted.

Watch TV from any location— no cable jack required!

Set-top box receiver front and back sides.

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