Powered by AllClear ID, TDS Identity Protection-Adult halts credit fraud and personal information theft the moment it starts. Anytime there is an attempt to use your credit, you’re instantly alerted via secure phone call. If the attempt is unauthorized, AllClear professionals immediately launch a fraud investigation.

You’ll gain peace of mind as this service provides:

  • Continuous, automatic credit monitoring
  • Prevents unauthorized credit inquires
  • Credit score protection
  • Theft insurance coverage and identity recovery assistance up to $1 million

Save 50% or more when you order as part of a Plus Pack.

Protect your Identity.

ID card icon with lock on it.

TDS Identity Protection, powered by AllClear ID, requires a 12-month commitment. $50 Early Termination Fees apply. TDS Identity Protection is subject to the TDS privacy policy (www.tdstelecom.com/privacy) and the AllClear ID Terms of service at https://www.allclearid.com/repair-terms-of-use/.

Delinquent accounts may lose service. Certain services not available in all areas. Price may vary by serving area and is subject to change without notice. TDS Telecom®/TDS TV® are registered trademarks of Telephone and Data Systems, Inc. and licensed to TDS Telecommunications LLC. Copyright © 2019, TDS Telecommunications LLC, All Rights Reserved.

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