Hacker Alert is an additional layer of protection for your computer and Internet-connected devices. It sits on the TDS network, continuously analyzing your Internet traffic for security threats like malware, viruses, and suspicious apps that other anti-virus software may miss. 

When Hacker Alert detects a threat, it automatically notifies you and suggests removal steps.

You can log in to your Hacker Alert account from any Internet-connected device to see your current risk level, get detailed information about alerts, and more.

  • Requires no special installation or software
  • Won't slow down your Internet
  • Is always on and up-to-date
  • Cannot be disabled

One subscription covers all the PCs in you home and up to three of your mobile devices—order service as part of a Plus Pack and save 50% or more.

Get protected today!

Get protected today!

Laptop icon with hacker and warning sign.

Hacker Alert availability varies. Requires TDS High-Speed Internet service and IE 7+, Firefox 2+, Safari 2+, or Opera 9+. For complete functionality (including threat removal steps), user must run Windows XP or later on a PC. If you run an older operating system, use a MAC, or access the system through a non-computer device, only detection and notification services are provided Notifications require a valid email address and/or mobile phone number for SMS notifications. Standard messaging rates may apply. Users must adhere to the terms and conditions of the service located at: https://hackeralert.tds.net/license.

Delinquent accounts may lose service. Certain services not available in all areas. Price may vary by serving area and is subject to change without notice. TDS Telecom®/TDS TV® are registered trademarks of Telephone and Data Systems, Inc. and licensed to TDS Telecommunications LLC. Copyright © 2020, TDS Telecommunications LLC, All Rights Reserved.

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