Many things can cause slow speeds! Here is a list of some of the more important ones.


  • Connection overhead
    Every DSL connection uses a number of different internet protocols that can reduce the bandwidth of your internet connection.  Overhead is the combination of these protocols that influence your overall DSL connection speeds.

IP overhead:   1.30 % 
TCP overhead: 1.65 % 
ATM overhead: 9.4 % 

Combined the total overhead for DSL is about 12.4 %.

If you had a 1.5Mb DSL connection on a "perfect" line the max speed would be a tad over 1,300 kbps.  There is also other overhead involved that gives you around 20% overhead in total.

  • Multiple computers
    Multiple computers connected to your DSL connection, the internet connection will be shared between all the computers.  If there is more than one computer that is using the internet connection at one time it will slow the down the internet connection to the rest of the computers.

  • File sharing software
    Do you have software installed on the computer? This type of software can continually download and upload files to the internet in the background.

  • Spyware
    You can find out more about spyware at

  • Viruses
    You can find out more information about viruses at

  • The Web site you are visiting
    The web site you are visiting may be having trouble or is hosted on a slow connection.

  • DSL Package
    Your DSL package speed is slower than you thought.

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