You have now placed your install order with TDS so what is next? Below you will find an outline of our install process. After the process we have some helpful FAQs to further answer any questions.

  • We start with building your service onto our network and preparing your equipment at our warehouse.
  • Within 2-4 days of your order you might see a TDS Field Service Technician visiting your home to survey the site and prep it for your install. This could consist of the Field Service Technician opening your Network Interface Device (NID) on your home and possibly even running a temporary cable (Fiber). Rest assured the work our Field Service Technician is performing won’t affect any service you currently have. 
  • The day of your install our Field Service Technician will pick up your appropriate equipment for the service you ordered at our warehouse.
  • Once the TDS Field Service Technician is en route to your house you will receive a SMS text message that they are on their way.
  • During your install the Field Service Technician will perform work on the outside of your home to bring the service in. The Field Service Technician will have your modem for internet service. They will attempt to place this in a location so you can have the best Wi-Fi coverage. 
  • Before our Field Service Technician leaves, they will test your service (Phone/Internet/TV/Wi-Fi) to ensure your service is working properly.

Why is a TDS Field Service Technician at my house when my install is in 5 days?

For some of our customer locations we may not have had service there before. We will send a Field Service Technician prior to your install for a site survey to determine what is needed the day of your install. This can consist of prepping your phone line, placing a temporary cable or fiber drop, or placing a Network Interface Device on your home.

My install appointment is for 1pm-5pm but it’s 3pm and I still haven’t seen a TDS Field Service Technician?

We schedule our Field Service Technicians with a window as they may have to drive to the TDS warehouse to pick up your service equipment after their last install. They will need proper driving time to ensure they make it your home safely. When the Field Service Technician is en route you will receive a SMS text message to the number you provided with your salesperson.

The TDS Field Service Technician said I need a temporary drop till the permanent drop can be buried, what does that mean?

If your home has never had TDS Fiber service, we may have to have a Fiber cable buried from a utility box or Pedestal to the Network Interface Device (NID) on your home. In order to complete your install so you have working service, a Field Service Technician will place a temporary Fiber cable till a TDS approved bury contractor can care for your permanent cable. Please visit the following link for more information.

It’s winter and we have snow on the ground, can a TDS Field Service Technician still install our service?

A TDS Field Service Technician will still go out for your service install and follow the process to have your service working. The permanent drop won’t be able to be buried till the ground is thawed, so expect a temporary drop laid out till Spring.

Why don’t I have a good Wi-Fi signal in part of my house?

TDS offers you internet service with a modem that supports Wi-Fi. There are many things that can affect your Wi-Fi signal. Here is a link to our support site on what can cause a weak signal. TDS also offers TDS® Whole Home Wi-Fi that can be used to extend your signal plus mitigate internet usage effectively to who needs it.

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