What Do You Need to Enroll?

  • Less than 10 minutes
  • Internet access
  • Your latest TDS bill
  • Banking Account or Credit Card information

Please note: enrolling in TDS ePay cancels delivery of your paper bill. It also cancels any automatic TDS bill payment programs you may be enrolled in, such as Sav-a-Check.

Attention Sav-A-Check Customers: Enrolling in TDS ePay automatically removes you from the Sav-A-Check bill payment program.  

Enrollment Steps

Do you already have a TDS Online Account set up (with a TDS User Name and Password)?

If you do have a TDS User Name and Password (online account) set up follow these directions:

  1. Residential customers go to www.tdstelecom.com/myaccount. Business customers go to www.tdsbusiness.com/myaccount.
  2. In the TDS ePay portion of the page, click View/Pay Bill.

If you don't have a TDS online account set up (no User Name and Password), you need to follow these directions:

  1. Residential customers: go to www.tdstelecom.com/myaccount. Business customers: go to www.tdsbusiness.com/myaccount. Note: You will need the latest copy of your bill. If you don't have this, call 1-888-225-5837
  2. Under "Don't have a TDS online account?" click Sign Up.
  3. Residential customers:
    • Enter one of the following: an email address or, phone number that you provided when you established your account, or your account number. Then click Continue.
    • To validate your identity, a security code will be sent to the email address or phone number you enter.
      • On the Verify Your Identity screen, you'll be prompted to add your email address or phone number as an account "recovery contact". (A recovery contact allows you to easily reset your account if you are ever unable to sign in.)
      • To add your information as a recovery contact, leave the check box marked. Or, uncheck the box to skip. Click Continue.
      • Enter the security code once you receive it, then click Submit
    • If you use your account number, enter your Registration ID (which is found on your bill), then click Continue.
      Business Customers:
      • Enter your Account Number and click Continue
      • Enter your Registration ID, then click Continue
  4. Next, enter in your First Name and, Last Name. Then, enter your desired User Name. Click Check Availability to see if it's available. Then, click Continue.
  5. You'll next set your password keeping in mind password requirements: 8 characters minimum length, one lowercase letter, one uppercase letter, one number, and a symbol: !, %, &, @, #, $, ^, *, ?, _, ~. Click Continue when you're finished.

If you don’t know your existing TDS user name, please call 1-888-CALL-TDS.


Once your TDS online account is set up, you can log in to set up ePay:

  1. From tdstelecom.com/my-account, navigate to the TDS ePay section and click View and Pay Bills Review the TDS ePay User Agreement and select the “I agree” button.
  2. Provide an email address that will be used to send you TDS ePay bill notifications.
    • Some notifications include, a new bill is ready, payment has been made, payment has failed.

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