A subscription to Showtime/The Movie Channel package, lets you enjoy 22 channels of movies, sports and original programming like House of Lies, Shameless, and The Affair,  plus many more.  For one low monthly price you'll get:

  • Flix
  • Flix West
  • Showtime
  • Showtime 2
  • Showtime 2 West
  • Showtime Beyond
  • Showtime Beyond West
  • Showtime Extreme
  • Showtime Extreme West
  • Showtime Familyzone
  • Showtime Familyzone West
  • Showtime Next
  • Showtime Next West
  • Showtime Showcase
  • Showtime Showcase West
  • Showtime Women
  • Showtime Women West
  • The Movie Channel
  • The Move Channel West
  • The Movie Channel Xtra
  • The Movie Channel Xtra West

Showtime On-Demand is also included with your subscription.  

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