Non-Published Number Notice

For customers with a non-published number, the following information explains what a non-published number is and where the number will and will not appear.

Non-published telephone numbers are not available to the general public through our directory assistance service provider. They are also not published in our telephone directory. TDS will not furnish a non-published telephone number to any unauthorized person(s), regardless of the nature of the request. However, non-published telephone numbers are provided to 911 service providers to ensure emergency workers can reach you.

If Caller ID Name/Number service is available in your area, your non-published telephone number (and name associated with it) will appear on the Caller IDs of the places you call. To prevent your name/number from appearing on Caller ID, dial *67 (per-call blocking) before dialing the outgoing number (this service is not available in all areas and fees may apply).

The Federal Communications Commission requires TDS to provide customer billing name and address information to any long-distance carrier requesting the information for purposes other than marketing. You may prohibit TDS from releasing your billing name and address, but this will require TDS to block the number from receiving third-party and collect calls. If you wish to have your non-published telephone number exempt from this information release, please notify a TDS Customer Service Representative.

If you have any questions about your non-published number or calling services, please call 1-888-CALL-TDS (1-888-225-5837).