Installation generally takes 4-6 hours. And, someone 18 or older must be present during the entire installation.

Once your installation is scheduled, please prepare for it by ensuring; all TVs are in working order, all cable outlets are accessible, your TVs and/or entertainment centers are located at least 3 feet away from the wall, and you have enough surge protectors and power strips (TDS does not provide these).

Your installation requires work inside and outside your home.

Outside: The technician will mount an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) box on your house near your telephone box. Then the technician will run fiber cabling from an adjacent telephone pedestal or pole to the new ONT.

Inside: The technician will review your existing TV locations, test wires for signal quality, and help determine best wiring solutions for your needs. Inside wiring work will only be performed once you understand the full scope of the project and what costs (if any) you may incur.

Next the technician will run cabling to the outlets and connect set-top boxes to TVs, activate and test each set-top box, program set-top box remote control(s) to operate each TV, and re-connect all previously connected devices to the TDS TV network.

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