Blue spinning circle stuck on screen

Try to improve the Internet bandwidth to your TDS TV+ Receiver.

  • Move the TDS TV+ Receiver closer to your router
  • Move the router so that it’s closer to your TDS TV+ Receiver  
  • Consider connecting the TDS TV+ receiver with a network cable instead of connecting wirelessly
  • Check for appliances causing interference; baby monitors, Bluetooth connections, or microwave ovens. Turn devices off to see if problem is solved. 


Voice remote is no longer working properly

Ensure the batteries are properly charged, and/or reconnect your remote to the TDS TV+ Receiver. Detailed instructions on how to do this can be found on our remote troubleshooting page.


Washed or faded picture or color is slightly off

Power cycle your TDS TV+ Receiver by unplugging it from the power. This may occur again as this is currently a bug we are working to resolve.


Channel guide has incorrect time zone

Update your TDS TV+ with the correct time. Go to Menu → Device Setting → Device Preferences → Date & Time Select (Automatic).


Repeated shows are showing up as new in OnePass

At this time, any show that is less than 28 days old will be labeled “NEW” even if it has been previously watched. 


Closed captioning not turning off after screen changes

This issue that will be corrected with a future TDS TV+ system update.


No audio on Android devices using version 10

Check your Android version by going to Settings → About Phone (Device) → Android Version. This issue will be corrected with a future TDS TV+ system update.


Stuttering Video

This can be temporarily resolved by a power cycle.

Error Codes


This is not a problem with your HDMI cable. The error message should clear by pressing the center button/OK while the message is showing, and then pressing channel up or down. This error will be corrected with a future TDS TV+ system update. 


Can’t connect to the Internet—V95

Unplug the power cord from the TDS TV+ Receiver and plug it back in.


Audio codec—V557

This error will be corrected with a future TDS TV+ update. 


Loss of connection—C601/C603

This should resolve itself once the Internet connection is reestablished. Press okay on the error screen. If you are regularly seeing this error, please call technical support at 1-855-280-1435.


Can’t find router serial number or check DHCP Settings—C210. 

Please call technical support for assistance with updating your router’s firmware. 


Unable to watch OnePass (DVR) recordings – V410

TDS TV+ does not allow you to watch recordings from channels you’re not currently subscribed to. If you downgrade you channel package, you will still see recordings from channels you were previously subscribed to. 


Amazon Fire Stick sign-in—C638

  • Go to “Settings” on your Fire Stick. Press center/OK button.
  • Scroll to “Applications.” Press center/OK button.
  • Scroll to “Managed Installed Applications.” Press center/OK button.
  • Scroll to “TDS TV+ app”. Press center/OK button.
  • Scroll to “Force Stop.” Press center/OK button
  • Scroll to “Clear data”. Press center/OK button
  • Scroll to “Clear cache”. Press center/OK button
  • Launch the TDS TV+ app and the error should be cleared.

For more help with your personal Amazon Fire TV device, visit Amazon’s support page.

Download Error V549 – Player download failure. Can’t play now.

Error may occur in My Shows or Live TV. Error occurs when device has difficulty downloading a show from the TDS server. Press ok and exit screen and then try again. You can also try waiting a few minutes before trying to load the show again.

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