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Remote Control Information

Check the battery level of your TDS TV+ remote

When the battery is low or runs out, functionality will slow or stop and the remote will automatically unpair. To check your remote battery:

  1. Press the TiVo button to bring up the Menu
  2. Click into Remote Settings
  3. Choose Remote Control Diagnostics (If you don’t see it your remote is not properly Bluetooth-paired and will need to be paired again)
  4. Once in Remote Diagnostics, you will see Battery Level as the last line of text


Connect your TV or sound system to one remote

  1. Press the TiVo button to bring up the Home Screen
  2. Select Menu from the Navigation Bar
  3. Under Settings select Remote Settings
  4. Select ‘Pair your remote with your box’ or ‘Remote Control Programming’ to set up TV or A/V Receiver
  5. Follow the setup instructions on your TV

Looking for more detailed instructions on how to pair your remote controls?

Download the TDSTV+ Remote Guide.


Remote control factory reset

  1. On your TDS TV+ remote control, simultaneously press the gray TiVo button and the Power button, until your remote control’s activity light appears solid red.
  2. Press the down volume key three times, then press the gray TiVo button. Your remote control’s activity light will blink red three times to indicate factory reset is complete.
  3. Go back to the “Repair your Remote” steps.


Clear remote controls that are Bluetooth paired

Note: Bluetooth pairings are unique to each TDS TV+ Receiver.

  1. On the bottom of the receiver, press and hold the recessed 'Recovery' button until the screen shows 'Searching for Accessories.'
    • Do not press and hold the button for longer or the device will begin recovery mode.
    • If the ‘Fastboot’ menu appears, the button was held for too long. Unplug the device and begin from step 1.
  2. On your TDS TV+ remote, hold the ‘TiVo’ and ‘Back’ button simultaneously until the light at the top of the remote illuminates.
  3. Release the buttons on your remote. The remote light will flash slowly, then flash quickly five times. When finished the remote will be paired to the receiver.


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