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Restart a Show Already in Progress

Learn how to start a show from the beginning or watch a show that’s aired within the past 72 hours.

Use Start Over to catch up on shows already in progress or one’s you’ve missed in the past 72 hours. Shows available to start over are indicated with in the Guide or mini guide (pressing DOWN while watching live TV). Or, when you highlight an episode on the series screen, you’ll be given an option to “Start Over”.

Tip: Fast forwarding may be disabled on some “Start Over” shows. Consider setting a OnePass to record a series to allow for fast forwarding in the future.
Simply highlight the show, then press and hold OK to start over.

  • Restart: If you start watching a live show when it is already in progress, start over from the beginning. You’ll see a tip that says “press and hold OK to start from the beginning.”
Restart a Show Already in Progress

­­­­Command also may say “Watch now from Start Over”

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