To cut the cord — or not

8 reasons to keep your landline

"A balanced choice is often the best one – a combination of landline and wireless phone use may be the right choice for you." ~ Federal Communications Commission

Need 911? HELP finds you!

In an emergency, 911 finds you when you call from a landline — your address automatically displays on their screen. For children, babysitters, and even adults, facing an emergency is traumatic enough. Not knowing the address, or being able to speak, may mean emergency personnel don't arrive in a timely manner, if at all.

Knowing where the phone is during an emergency is highly important. The time it takes to find a cell phone can feel like an eternity when time is critical. (And, what if the battery's dead? Or it's in the car?)

If you have kids at home, you need a landline — it's the most reliable connection to 911. Yes, cell phones are great when you're on the road and have an emergency; however, cell phone GPS systems cannot compete with the accuracy and dependability of a landline 911 connection. For your family's safety, is going without a landline worth the risk?

Connect to the Internet

To get online you need a computer and a landline phone line. No landline, no DSL. Dial-up connections don't work either. It's plain and simple.

(Hey, this may seem obvious but we've seen it happen. Someone disconnects the landline to save a few bucks and then wonder's why their DSL doesn't work anymore … it's all connected!)

Conversations count!

When talking on the phone, enjoy:

  1. A crisp, crystal clear connection 24/7/365 
    — OR —
  2. Dropped calls, constant buzzing, and wondering if the other person can you hear you

It's all about the conversation, so make it count! A landline connection offers you the highest quality voice transmissions – all the time – anywhere in the comfort of your home.

(Word of CAUTION to those who like to crinkle paper or pretend the connection is bad to end a conversation – it won't work when you're on a landline, so don't try it at home. It only works in the movies!)


Sit back, relax and enjoy the convenience of knowing the standard landline is going to work — plain and simple. No worries about whether you have minutes left or what to do when the battery dies. Because you have a landline, most likely you also have multiple phones plugged in, so there's always one ready.

Tired of picking up the phone and being your teenagers personal assistant? Add Caller ID, or distinctive ring tones. Who knows, you might even find out who's calling your kids (and why). Did you know Web-savvy teens still prefer a landline? Check it out.

The power's out – not the conversation

Sit back, light a candle and keep on talking, even when the power goes out. Just switch to the traditional corded phone you keep for emergencies. (You know, that dusty phone with the squiggly cord in your back bedroom? That's the one!) It'll work from any phone jack even when the power's out — the phone company has an emergency back-up system that powers the phone jacks, just not wireless home phones.

When the power's out, a landline phone connection will work more than 99.9 percent of the time. It's required by the FCC. This means you can still reach 911 and friends and family; they can all reach you, too. Even if a major storm (tornado or hurricane) comes through the area. It might take out the cell tower, but it can't take out the underground phone lines.


Never use your wireless phone to give out credit card or other critical data. (No kidding, this is serious business!)

Did you know that some cellular phones use radio frequencies, which can be easily intercepted? Eavesdroppers use simple devices, (e.g., scanners or other cell phones) to intercept the analog radio waves that carry wireless calls. Then, they listen to your private conversations, write down your credit card information, and find out when you'll be on vacation to plan their evil deeds.

With a landline — you have privacy!

Get free incoming calls

All incoming calls are free on a landline for as long as you talk, no matter what time it is. No network to sign up for. No limitations. No worries about running out of minutes listening to mom talk about Aunt Pat, Uncle Rudy, or Grandpa.

If you think the price of your local phone service is too high, check again. New bundled pricing and other incentives are making the traditional landline cost effective. (Really, it's true.)

Home protection

Today, many home security systems only work if a landline phone is in operation. Why? Because the home's fire and burglar alarm systems are hardwired into the phone system to automatically alert authorities. (Hint: Security companies know how dependable the landline system is – that's why they depend on it to protect you. Shouldn't you?)

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