How to access your Personal Voice Mail from home:

Setting up Your Personal Mailbox (New Customers Only )

  1. Dial your Voice Mail Access Number or dial *95 from your phone with the same phone number as your voicemail box.
  2. Enter your temporary passcode.
    • Please call 1-888-CALL TDS (1-888-225-5837) for your
      temporary pass code.
  3. The system tutorial will begin. It will instruct you to:
    • Enter a private passcode that you would like to retain
      (4 to 10 digits long)
    • Your greeting (followed by #)
    • Your name
  4. Follow the instructions to the end. If you do not complete the
    tutorial, the changes you make will not go into effect.

Accessing Voice Mail/Retrieving Messages

  1. Dial your Voice Mail Access Number
  2. Enter your passcode.

User Commands


If you want to:

P (7)

Play your messages.


pause for 30 seconds.

K (5)

Keep the message

D (3)

Delete the message


rewind 5 seconds


fast forward 5 seconds

X (9)

Exit mailbox

User Options

Press U (8) to enter User Options, then:

G (4)

to change Greeting.

N (6)

to re-record/change Name.

P (7)

to change Passcode.

X (9)

to Exit User Options.

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