Anonymous Call Rejection prevents a call from getting through to you if the caller has activated the Caller ID Blocking (*67) service.

The number will never ring at your location. You do not have to have Caller ID in order to benefit from Anonymous Call Rejection.


What Anonymous Call Rejection Does for You:

  • Prevents you from being disturbed by callers who will not identify themselves.


To Activate Anonymous Call Rejection:

1. Dial *77, then listen for a confirmation.

2. Hang up.


To Cancel Anonymous Call Rejection:

1. Dial *87, then listen for a deactivation confirmation.

2. Hang up.



  • Once Anonymous Call Rejection is activated, it remains activated until you deactivate it.
  • If the call you are trying to make is outside the area served by Anonymous Call Rejection, you will hear a recording that the call cannot be made.

This feature may not be available in all areas.  Some features may incur a per-use charge depending on your voice package.  Call or email us for availability and details on what features are included in your current voice package.

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