Call Forwarding allows you to redirect all calls to another telephone number.

What Call Forwarding Does for You:

  • Reduces missed calls.
  • Lets calls follow you wherever you go.
  • Eliminates waiting for important calls.
  • Enhances home security when you are away.

To Activate and Forward Calls:

  1. Dial *72 followed by the number you are forwarding to, the number will then be called. 
  2. If the number is answered, Call Forward is established.
  3. If the number you dialed is not answered or goes to voice mail, repeat steps 1 & 2 immediately. You will hear a confirmation tone (3 short beeps) indicating that Call Forward has been established.

To Cancel Call Forwarding:

  1. Dial *73, then listen for three beeps.
  2. Hang up.


  • Calls forwarded to long distance numbers will be charged to you.
  • An optional short ring or a distinctive dial tone may be provided as a reminder that Call Forwarding is activated.

Please Note: This feature may not be available in all areas.  Some features may incur a per-use charge depending on your voice package.  Call or email us for availability and details on what features are included in your current voice package.

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