Block unwanted and harassing calls by automatically rejecting numbers from a pre-assigned list that you determine.

Blocked calls receive an announcement stating that their call is not accepted by the called party.

To use Call Screening:
1. Press *60
2. Listen to the prompts to guide you through turning ON/OFF or modifying Call Screening

Repeat the instructions for the Screening feature 0
Review the Call Screening list 1
Turn Call Screening ON or OFF 3
Add a number to the list # (and then enter the number)
Delete a number from the list * (and then enter the number)
Delete the last number on the list 0 7
Delete all of the numbers on the list 0 8
Delete private numbers from the list 0 9
Add the last incoming number to the list # 0 1 #

3.Hang up after making your selections

Please Note: This feature may not be available in all areas.  Some features may incur a per-use charge depending on your voice package.  Call or email us for availability and details on what features are included in your current voice package.

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