This is needed to ensure success of the port from your current carrier.

This is not required for authorization; however, many carriers will reject the port if we do not have your current account PIN.

This field is only required if you have other numbers besides your main porting telephone number that will also need to be ported. If you do not enter additional numbers, we will assume no other numbers need to be ported. You can add multiple phone numbers here by separating with a comma.

By completing this form and providing my birthdate, I am authorizing TDS Metrocom, LLC ("TDS") to become my new telephone service provider, in place of my current provider(s), for the provision of my local, state-to-state long-distance service, local toll service, and/or international long-distance service as indicated above. I authorize TDS to act as my agent to make this change. I understand that when changing providers, I may be required to pay a one-time charge per line per provider to complete the change or changes. If I later wish to return to my current carrier(s), I may be required to pay a reconnection charge to that company or companies. I understand that I may contact TDS to find out whether a one-time charge to switch providers is applicable. I also understand that TDS may have different calling areas, rates, and charges than my current provider(s) and, that by signing below, I indicate that I understand those differences (if any) and I am willing to be billed accordingly. I certify that I am at least eighteen (18) years of age and that I am authorized to change telephone companies for services to the telephone numbers listed above. I further certify that I am responsible for all valid TDS charges for calling plans and usage. I understand that for each telephone number I may select only one carrier for local service calls, one for interLATA (out-of-state long distance) calls, one for intraLATA (in-state long distance) calls, and, in areas where technically feasible, one carrier for international calls.

You must be 18 years old older to authorize this change.

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