Sharing DSL between multiple computers is generally a fairly easy task. If you have an Actiontec 704 or 724 DSL modem (check for the model number on the bottom of the modem) then you have several options. The Actiontec 704/724 Modem has four Ethernet ports on the back of the modem, as well as a built in wireless connection. To connect a computer via the Ethernet ports, you simply need to connect an Ethernet cable from the computer to the DSL modem. Usually you can simply restart your computer to connect to the internet at this point.

To connect a computer via the wireless connection you need to make sure your computer has a wireless card and then you need enable the wireless connection on the DSL modem. Once the wireless feature on the modem has been enabled you will need to access the wireless configuration utility on your computer (this process may vary depending on the brand of the wireless card) and configure the computer to connect to the DSL modem's wireless signal.  For help connecting your individual computer to the modem wirelessly you can contact our Remote PC team at 866-492-6797 option #3 or you may need to contact your computer manufacturer.

If you have an Actiontec 701, 701c or 701d DSL modem there is only one Ethernet port available. To share DSL between multiple computers you'll either need to upgrade to an Actiontec 704 or 724, which can be done by contacting our Customer Support Team at 888-CALL-TDS, or by purchasing an Ethernet switch or router to allow you to connect multiple computers to the Actiontec.  An ethernet switch or router will have multiple ports that you can connect the computers too and a port that the modem will connect to.  No modem configuration changes are necessary when using a switch or router.

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