1. The first step to downloading TDS Internet Security is to log in to portal.tds.net using your TDS email address and password. If you encounter problems or are unsure what this is please call 1-888-CALL-TDS.

2.  Once logged in you will be redirected back to the TDS home page. Click the links icon in the upper right area (it looks like 9 black squares) and in the menu that drops down click the "TDS Internet Security" icon.

3.  The next page has the download for TDS Internet Security and also displays your subscription key.
4.  Click "Download for Windows" and then, depending on your browser, you will need to Run and/or Save the file to start the installation.

5.  The following screen will appear when the program installation begins.

6.  This next screen will detect if any programs running will interfere with TDS Internet security. If any conflicts appear, those programs will need to be uninstalled.

7.  Click Next

8.  Click Accept and Install. There is a link to the license terms if you wish to read them first.

9.  The installation may take 5-15 minutes, depending on connection speeds and hardware limitations.

10.  When the program finishes installing, this screen will appear, confirming TDS Internet Security has been installed and is working.

11.  The option to turn on safe search will come up shortly afterwards, which blocks harmful websites and secures web searches. You may need to restart the computer to see this option. We recommend turning on this feature.

12.  If you turn on Safe Search, an option to install the Toolbar will then appear. Click OK.

13.  If Safe Search was enabled the following message should appear.

14.  If you encounter any problems with this installation process please call the Remote PC team at 866-492-6797. They are available:

Monday - Friday: 7am-10pm CST
Saturday: 9am-6pm CST

If you do not currently have Internet Security and would like to add this to your TDS services, click here.

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