Information about creating an Email Alias

Email aliases are virtual email addresses that forward email to a real email address. For example:

Tim has a domain of He has an email address set up for himself, Tim also wants his sales questions to come to him as well, but wants those questions to be sent to another address. Tim can set up an alias of and set it to point to

You can only set up an alias on the same domain; you would be unable to cross domains. For example, you could not have be an alias of In order to accomplish a forward like that, you would need to log into the mailbox, and set up a forward in the mailbox settings to

Does TDS offer an email only service?

No. Customers must subscribe to a data services to retain a TDS email address.

How to delete a TDS Email Address from your account

Visit for residential customers or for business customers.

  1. Then, log in to your account.
  2. Click View/Modify Account Information.
  3. Click Manage Account Users.
  4. Under Current Users, find the user name (email address) you want to
    delete and click the trash can icon.

Note: You can no undo a deletion!” 
Any email still in the account will not be able to be retrieved after deletion has processed.

Do my emails automatically delete?

Yes, some email messages you receive will be automatically deleted:

  1. All email in the TRASH folder is automatically deleted after 15 days.
  2. All email in the SPAM folder is automatically deleted after 15 days.
  3. Unread messages that are 90 days old are automatically deleted from your inbox. If you want to keep an email message, be sure to open it up so it is marked as "read." An easy way to tell whether a message has been opened is by the subject line. If the subject line of an email message is bold, that means it’s new or unread and will be deleted after 90 days. If the subject line is not bold, you have opened the message and therefore, the system will not automatically delete it.

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