High Speed Data, Voice, and Video service with TDS can be placed on seasonal hold.

While on a Seasonal Hold Your email account will remain active and your internet connection will be disabled. Voice Service will not allow inbound calls and outbound calls will be directed to either 911 or the Care Call Center. TDS TV Seasonal Service is limited to select Info, PPV, DVR and VOD channels.  The customer will retain their STBs and modem. If you have a promotion, Premium channels, HD or other features associated with TDS TV service they will need to be removed from the account.

Seasonal Holds are not available in every location please contact us to verify availability and charges. All TDS services (Data/Voice/Video) must be put on hold together. Security Line with Broadband Prime, and ISDN are not eligible. Grandfathered services are not available when re-establishing service. A minimum of one month on seasonal hold (dependent upon location). Maximum of two inactive periods within a calendar year. Maximum timeframe for suspension does not apply to military personnel on active duty. Account must be current before placing on hold.

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