Carrier Services - Customer Guides and Forms

These manuals serve as guides for completing forms for specific types of agreements. You'll also find forms for many of these agreements. If you have questions or need more information, contact us.

Retail Resale Administration Manual:

Section I: General and Administrative Requirements

This section outlines the business processes for local telecommunication providers in the TDS Telecom serving area. The information includes items required by TDS Telecom to process service requests from a RESELLER.

Section II: Resale

This section highlights business procedures associated with the reselling of TDS Telecom products and services. It assumes the Reseller has negotiated and executed a Retail Reseller Agreement with TDS Telecom and has met all conditions outlined in Section I of the manual.

Section III: Pre-Ordering

This section discusses pre-ordering information. Pre-ordering provides the Reseller certain information that may be needed when utilizing resold local exchange services.

Section IV: Ordering

This section covers each ordering form and the field entry requirements for local service. Additional information to assist the RESELLER in submitting complete and accurate information is also provided.

Section V: Trouble Administration

This section provides a high-level overview of the trouble administration process as it pertains to Resellers; describes trouble administration roles and responsibilities of both the Reseller and TDS Telecom; and lists Reseller procedures for submitting a trouble report to TDS Telecom.


Master Account Application
Reseller Contact for Misdirected Calls
Service Provider Change Notification
Unauthorized Service Provider Change Notification

The Reseller's Manual provides detailed information applicable in the states served by TDS Telecom. The information is generally applicable in all states, however, due to individual state requirements, including specific Public Service Commission rules and decisions, aspects of the handbook may not apply or may apply differently in an individual state. It is recommended that the RESELLER contact TDS Telecom Carrier Relations to confirm the applicability in a particular state, if a question arises. In addition, there may be times when a specific Resale Agreement conflicts with this handbook. In those instances the Resale Agreement will prevail.