Carrier Relations - Types of Services

The following is a list of services we currently offer under contract agreement. Please contact us for additional information. 

911/E911 - Equipment and facilities related to the provision of 911 Emergency service in TDS Telecom areas.

Broadband Internet Access Transmission Services - Provides, where available, transmission services over local exchange service facilities that can be used for simultaneous voice and data communications. Click one of the following links for more information:

Generally Available Terms, Conditions, and Rates

Interconnection - Direct or indirect connection for the termination of traffic in TDS Telecom service areas.

Billing and Collections - Billing and collection services available to telecommunications carriers. Click here to view the Statement of Generally Available Terms and Conditions.

Pole Attachments and Conduit Rental - Pole attachments and conduit rental available from TDS Telecom

Resale - For state-certified Resellers of local service to end-users.

Teaming - Communications services for state governments and other governmental agencies.

Tower License - Attachments to radio towers owned by TDS Telecom.