More Than Just a Job Description

CEO Support

Thank you for serving in our military and protecting the lives of so many around the world! All that you and your families have given is truly appreciated!

As you look for your next career opportunity, TDS just might be a great fit for you. As you learn more about us, you'll discover we have a long history of supporting our customers, employees, and the communities we serve. In order to be successful, we understand the importance of employing a work force that builds relationships, has personal accountability, is team focused, and values differences.

The characteristics of our workforce, in many ways, resemble those fully embraced by members of the military. I hope you'll agree, and consider reaching out to our recruiting team to identify the perfect fit for you.

Then, once you join TDS, you might consider joining our Patriot Employee Resource Group. This group is made up of active members of the military and those who have previously served. It also includes veterans, first responders, and civilians who have a desire to help. Organized and run independently by employees, this group actively looks for new ways to create a supportive community within our company. They also continually seek out new opportunities for involvement – in the community and at TDS. They've accomplished much in a short period of time and truly enjoy the opportunity to bring together fellow military and veteran employees.

Thank you again for considering joining the TDS team. Together, we'll go far!

— Jim Butman, President and CEO

Support from the Start

TDS recognizes your service and sacrifice; we are here to support you in career goals. In fact, we’ve created a military hiring initiative at TDS: Project Open Doors. This initiative allows current or prior military service members (with an honorable discharge) to pre-qualify for certain positions. Our goal is to help you gain meaningful employment with TDS.

After you apply for a position, please email our Military Recruiting Team at This team works closely with our recruiters and hiring managers to translate your military experience and education. Then, when you're hired, a transition/mentor is assigned to support you as a new employee. See the top careers below or search all openings today.

Top Careers for Military and Veterans at TDS

Field Service Technician

Field Services Techs assists with on-site installations, troubleshooting, repairs and maintenance of telecommunications products and equipment that TDS sells and leases. They have direct, face-to-face contact with our customers and maintain a high level of customer service. Frequently posted positions are Field Service Technicians and FST-Network Techs.

Network Operations

Our Network Operations team has positions all over the United States, focusing on providing services to our customers as trusted partners who can collaborate on end-to-end customized network management solutions that span the entire life-cycle of the network. Commonly posted positions are NOC Technicians and Network Operation Support (NOS) positions.

Information Technology

Our Information Technology team is a dynamic 140+ person team that uses leading edge technology to move our organization forward every day. They focus on development and support of products and services that are the backbone of the TDS business. Within our Information Technology department, you can typically find positions such as Data Analysts, Software Engineers and Systems Administrators.

Benefits for Currently Serving Military Members


Although it is not required by Federal and State law, TDS provides differential compensation to employees on Military Leave to perform uniformed services.

Medical, Dental, and Vision:

Although it is not required by federal or state law, if you’re deployed while working at TDS, we continue to pay our share of your premium for the initial 24 months of uniformed service.

Flexible Spending Account – Health Care:

An employee on a military leave of absence will be offered continuation of coverage in the health care – Flexible Spending Account (FSA) for 24 months on an after-tax basis beginning the first month in which you are on active duty, if such coverage is desired and elected. 

Life, Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) and Long Term Disability (LTD):

Although not required by law, company-sponsored life and AD&D insurance will continue for up to 24 months while you are on a military leave of absence on the same basis as before the call-up.  

Jim Butman - CEO

Jim Butman, President and CEO

Military Employee Testimonials

Jeff Mand

Jeff Mand was an Infantry Captain in the Wisconsin Army National Guard with a tour in Iraq from 2004-2005. His motivation to join the army was pretty simple: "My father and grandfather were both enlisted in the Army, and many of my extended family members have served in one branch or another."  Today, Jeff manages TDS' Network Technical Support teams within Network Operations and works in Madison, Wis. 

"TDS has been great to both me and my family, especially while I was on deployment overseas.  So when they asked if I would be willing to help stand up a Veterans employee resource group to support Diversity & Inclusion efforts at the company, my response was – 'absolutely'. TDS is an excellent place to work and an employee resource group like this can only make us better."

Patriot Employee Resource Group

Main Effort

The primary goal and main effort of TDS’ Patriot group is to directly support the ethics and business goals of the company. Anecdotally, the desired end-state is to have the demographics inside the walls of TDS mirror those of the communities we serve.

Secondary Effort

As an ambassador for TDS, employee Patriots look to create and grow outreach efforts in support of military and law enforcement oriented groups (e.g., Toys for Tots, VFW, American Legion, etc.) within the local communities TDS serves.