Diversity & Inclusion

At TDS, we recognize we must broaden our efforts to develop a more diverse and inclusive workforce, one that genuinely represents the communities we serve.

Our Commitment

Jim Butman

President & CEO

Today, we highlight and celebrate the importance of diversity and inclusion. Tomorrow, let us live diversity and inclusion as we see the beauty and richness in color, race, religion, gender, and sexual orientation.

Kathy Cefalu

Vice President - Human Resources

The term diversity and inclusion is not just a phrase or a trending topic. It's an opportunity for us to improve our culture and help our company adapt to a changing human demographic. We recognize the effectiveness of using the talents of people of diverse backgrounds.

Associate Resource Groups at TDS

We believe Associate Resource Groups (ARGs) — developed by associates, based on associate interests — are integral to fostering a more inclusive workforce. While each has a different audience and mission, the ARGs provide a small community within the larger company.

At TDS, these groups are organized and run independently by associates, based on topics that fit their interest. They are associate-led and associate-driven. While not formal, they are endorsed by a member of the executive leadership team who provides mentorship and guidance. At TDS, ARGs are one way to "Plant the Seeds of Inclusion".

There are nine established ARGs at TDS, with several more in the works.

Our associates make the communities we serve, the services we provide, and our company better.

Would you like to join us?