At TDS Telecom, we embrace the understanding that a diverse workforce who feels they belong within our culture of equity and inclusion is key to meeting our Company’s mission. We recognize the work of developing an inclusive culture belongs to all of us and all associates are called on to Champion Inclusivity as one of our shared values.

Our Commitment

Jim Butman

President & CEO

Our mission is to create a better world. We succeed when we foster an inclusive culture where every person feels they belong and there’s equity in the workplace. This is why we remain steadfast in our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging every day.

AnnMarie Kreitzer

Senior Vice President—Chief Human
Resources Officer

TDS’ commitment to creating a better world starts with fostering an inclusive culture where all associates feel they belong and can thrive. TDS firmly believes diversity within our teams leads to the innovation that can drive strong business results and the best services for our customers.

Supplier Diversity Statement:

TDS and TDS Telecom are committed to enhancing the use of diverse businesses by proactively developing relationships with minority, women, veteran and disabled veteran, LGBTQ+, disadvantaged businesses and local businesses within our supply chain.

Supplier diversity is a strategic business imperative to the economic growth and expansion of our business. TDS and TDS Telecom also encourage subcontracting opportunities for diverse businesses.

Group of people holding pride flags in front of TDS headquarters.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Council


The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) Council’s primary role is to connect DE&I activities to TDS Telecom’s broader business strategy.

  • Relating diversity, equity and inclusion to the company’s mission, values and objectives.
  • Outlining key diversity and inclusion goals designed to grow, develop and retain a diverse group of associates, including those from underrepresented groups (people of color, women, Veterans, LGBTQ+ and Individuals with Disabilities) utilizing actionable steps to achieve them through our 6 areas of focus.
  • Help create/apply policies that support equity for all associates.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of ongoing efforts and adapt as needed.

The role of each Council member will be to put their influence behind current and future DEI&B efforts, embed inclusive practices in our business, be accountable in their area of responsibility within TDS Telecom and continue to be committed to understanding the evolving area of diversity, equity, and inclusion. This Council is focused on engaging leaders and associates throughout TDS Telecom with the goal that they will create and continue to embed inclusion in their areas of responsibility by being active and prominent advocates of inclusive practices and leadership.

Associate Resource Groups at TDS

We believe Associate Resource Groups (ARGs) — developed by associates, based on associate interests — are integral to fostering a more inclusive workforce. While each has a different audience and mission, the ARGs provide a small community within the larger company.

At TDS, these groups are organized and run independently by associates, based on topics that fit their interest. They are associate-led and associate-driven. While not formal, they are endorsed by a member of the executive leadership team who provides mentorship and guidance.

There are ten established ARGs at TDS, with several more in the works.

Our associates make the communities we serve, the services we provide, and our company better.

Would you like to join us?