Programming costs play the biggest role in rising TV bills. The networks you like to watch are charging cable providers like TDS® more and more money to distribute their programming. 

Over the past 15 years, network fees have increased 3.5X the rate of inflation!

Although we do our best to negotiate reasonable rates for the content you enjoy, sometimes network demands (like forcing us to carry low-interest channels) drive increases. We absorb as much of the increase as we can. However, in 2019, a portion of the increase is being passed along to customers.

As of January 1, 2019, the rates for the following TV packages are increasing:

  • Starter—$2/mo.
  • Freedom, Expanded Basic—$3/mo.
  • Expanded Plus—$4/mo.

Also, the Broadcast Retransmission Fee (broadcast fee) will increase $1.71/mo. To learn more about the fee and broadcast negotiations, visit our Broadcast Retransmission page.

Stay Current on Channel Lineup Changes

Learn about upcoming changes to your channel lineup (including channel negotiations) on the Channel Notifications page.