A note from the President and CEO

Jim Butman Photo

TDS has come a long way since the days of phone operators and rotary dials. Today, we are an innovative high-speed internet, TV entertainment, and phone service provider committed to helping communities grow and thrive for years to come.

My name is Jim Butman, and I’m the president and CEO of TDS Telecom. I strongly believe that TDS is one of the most attractive technology companies to work for—and one of the best-kept secrets for professionals seeking an inclusive workplace that prioritizes teamwork and professional development.

Once a collection of rural telephone companies, TDS Telecom now provides world-class fiber internet connections, along with sophisticated TV products and advanced voice systems for homes and businesses throughout the U.S. High-speed internet is critical to a community’s infrastructure and quality of life, and we’re honored to provide the reliability and speed residents in our communities need.

Joining TDS Telecom means you will also be a part of a company that prioritizes our most valuable assets—our associates. Our workforce enjoys a great benefits package, a generous tuition reimbursement program, access to professional development opportunities, dedicated volunteer time each quarter—and much more.

I hope our innovation and commitment to associates encourgage you to join us!

Our associates make the communities we serve, the services we provide, and our company better.

Would you like to join us?