The mission of the TDS Women in Tech (WIT) ARG is to recruit, retain, and develop women in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields. Through development opportunities, outreach and internal support WIT seeks to attract and retain top talent in the TDS tech community.

Main Objectives: Retention, Recruitment, Inclusion.

  • Retention – Facilitating professional growth by offering leadership, career development, mentoring, and network opportunities with in TDS.
  • Recruitment – Attracting women in tech by supporting recruiting and outreach efforts at many age levels.
  • Inclusion – Engaging women in tech at TDS by fostering camaraderie, building community, and creating a culture of inclusion and diversity.

In all activities we strive to focus on:

  • Inclusiveness – WIT is committed to individual and organizational efforts to build respect, dignity, fairness, and equality.
  • Advocacy - WIT is dedicated to the advocacy, self-empowerment and leadership training for women and girls in technical careers.
  • Professional Excellence - WIT believes professional success will be achieved through the combination of skills, knowledge, mentoring, and networking.
  • Passion - WIT shows pride, enthusiasm and dedication in its work. They are committed to nurturing and developing interest in technical fields.
  • Diversity – WIT believes that diversity strengthens our company and leads to innovation, customer satisfaction and a creative, productive workforce.

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