Mission Statement

Our purpose as an African American ARG is to promote an inclusive environment within TDS Telecom through our mission, shared values, and intersectional identities to foster success along with public perception.

Diversity is a vital part of an organization and serves as the greatest component of innovation allowing TDS Telecom to celebrate an inclusive culture, over and above the technology, we bring to communities across the country. Associate Resource Groups are a key component of TDS Telecom’s commitment to create that inclusive culture and foster a sense of belonging.

The R.I.S.E. ARG allows our group to utilize TDS Telecom’s resources to leverage the importance of DE&I. R.I.S.E. will serve as an opportunity for professional development across multiple business units and provide a space for dialogue of shared experiences.

RISE Strives to be an asset for our business through but not limited to:

  • Supporting HR and DEI efforts with recruitment of African Americans (AA) when possible.
  • Support retention efforts of those AA associates.
  • Advocate for Black representation at all levels of leadership (mid-level, senior and officer)
  • Share knowledge, raise cultural awareness and act as a bridge across cultural issues – improving cultural competence at TDS Telecom
  • Work as an associate support system providing education, personal growth, information, and idea sharing
  • Work to enhance engagement internally and externally to strengthen TDS Telecom’s image in the community.

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