The 2BU associate resource group exists to foster a sense of community within and outside of TDS by valuing differences, providing an inclusive and safe environment, and helping LGBTQ+ employees succeed.

TDS recognizes part of its strength lies with the diversity of its workforce.  The 2BU associate resource group is committed to:

  • Giving the employee a voice by creating a culture of empowerment by representing the interest, thoughts, and opinions of the LGBTQ+ employees within the company.
  • Continuing to promote an inclusive and safe work environment that fosters the creativity and innovation of LGBTQ+ employees and allows employees to be themselves as they reach their highest level of potential within the company. 
  • Attracting new employees within the greater LGBTQ+ community.  Retain talent by listening and acting upon LGBTQ+ employee motivations, engagement levels, and career planning aspirations.
  • Developing and nurturing a sense of community for all LGBTQ+ employees, advocates, friends, contractors, and those organizations that do business with the company.  
  • Ensuring TDS is recognized both internally and externally as a company that values contributions made by its LGBTQ+ workforce.
  • Identifying organizations and events within our respective communities to contribute and support with volunteer and other philanthropic efforts.