The 2019 Maine Act to Protect the Privacy of Online Consumer Information (“Maine Privacy Act”) provides current Maine residents with certain rights regarding their personal information as defined by the Maine Privacy Act* when purchasing consumer broadband Internet access service. This applies to individuals only, not commercial customers.

The Maine Privacy Act prohibits broadband Internet service providers from using, disclosing, selling or permitting access to your personally identifying information unless you provide prior, express, affirmative consent to do so, subject to certain exceptions such as to:

  • provide broadband Internet access service and other services necessary to the provision broadband internet access service;
  • advertise or market our communications-related services to you;
  • comply with a lawful court order;
  • initiate, render, bill for, and collect payment for broadband internet access service;
  • protect against fraudulent, abusive, or unlawful use; and
  • provide location information to assist in the delivery of emergency services.

TDS may not refuse service, charge a penalty, or fail to provide a discount based on your decision to exercise your rights under the Maine Privacy Act.


*According to the Maine Privacy Act, personally identifying information about a customer includes but is not limited to: customer’s name, billing information, social security number, billing address and demographic data; and information from a customer’s use of broadband Internet access service, including but not limited to web browsing history, application usage history, precise geolocation information, financial & health information, information pertaining to the customer’s children, customer’s device identifier (such as media access control address, international mobile equipment identity or Internet protocol address), content of customer’s communications and origin and destination Internet protocol addresses.

TDS’ full privacy policy can be reviewed on our website