Don’t let cyber-attacks haunt you: Tips from TDS to stay safe

As cyber-attacks continue to evolve, every individual must improve their online security protocols to avoid becoming victim to the next cyber-attack. It’s October, National Cyber Security Awareness Month. And, an opportune time to talk about the importance of cybersecurity and take measures to stay safe online.

Cybersecurity is a broad term used to describe different protective measures you can take to keep your computer and personal information safe. It encompasses a number of different topics, from being aware of malware and phishing to securing your home network and more.

In honor of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, here are three tips, from TDS Telecom, to help protect yourself from a cyber-attack.

  1. Keep a clean machine. Regularly update your security software and scan your internet-connected devices for viruses. Keeping your device free from malware and infections makes the internet more secure for you and everyone around you. If you suspect your computer is infected, immediately take steps to remove the malware. Then, change your password and ensure your operating system, web browsers, and anti-virus software are up–to-date.
  2. Protect your passwords. Don’t make passwords that are too simple or easy to guess. Instead, create passwords with at least eight characters and incorporate a combination of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. When given the option, always choose to enable stronger authentication. It’s also important to use different passwords for different accounts so that if an attacker is able to guess one password, they won’t gain access to all of your accounts. 
  3. Connect to secure networks. Before connecting to any public Wi-Fi network—like at an airport, hotel, or coffee shop—confirm the name of the network and login procedures with appropriate staff to ensure the network is legitimate. You should avoid doing sensitive activities, like online banking, while using an unsecured public connection. When possible, use your personal hotspot instead of free Wi-Fi—it’s usually a safer alternative.

Don’t let the threat of cyber-attacks spook you. Stay vigilant and prevent attacks, beginning now, during National Cyber Security Awareness Month, and throughout the year.

Media Contact: Sydney Kelly | Communications Intern | TDS Telecom | 608-664-0902 |

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Updated October 2018

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