TDS Telecom reaction to proposed broadband regulations contained in FCC network neutrality decision

On Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued a proposed Order on protecting and promoting an open Internet which could impose substantial — and costly — new regulations on broadband providers currently offering high-speed service across America.

The following statement can be attributed to Drew Petersen, vice president of External Affairs and Corporate Communications at TDS Telecom:

“TDS commends the FCC for highlighting the critical nature of promoting and expanding Internet connectivity for all. Our company has spent four decades bringing advanced communications services to the most remote areas of our nation. In fact, for 16 years, TDS has been investing millions of dollars annually to bring high-speed Internet services to virtually all of our customers.

“At TDS, we are anxious to see the specific modifications proposed in today’s FCC Order. The devil is always in the details. Regardless, it would be financially unfortunate for our customers to bear substantial added compliance cost obligations for network discrimination concerns that have not materialized in the marketplace.”

“In addition, we hope pole attachment rates for our cable operations are not negatively impacted by this series of decisions by the FCC. By imposing a Title II regulatory classification regime on cable operators, the pole attachment rate we currently pay could double. Yes, double the cost to provide the same service tomorrow that we offer today—to deliver high-speed broadband Internet services.

“The FCC has stated unequivocally they will not impose new fees on existing broadband service providers as part of this Order. On behalf of our customers, TDS hopes they keep their word.”

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For more information contact: DeAnne Boegli – Public Relations | TDS Telecom | 608-664-4428 |

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