TDS provides tips on how to recover from a scam

Scams are becoming more convincing—looking more and more like legitimate pieces of communication.

Online and phone scams seem to be everywhere. They have appeared in platforms such as Facebook Messenger and Airbnb, and even take the shape of phony tech support. Scams are also becoming more convincing—looking more and more like legitimate pieces of communication. Even with a trained eye you can fall victim.

Knowing how to recover from a scam is just as important as knowing how to avoid one. Local internet provider, TDS Telecom, provides advice on who to contact and what steps to take to recover from a scam.

  • Reset passwords. Resetting account passwords associated with the scam, as well as other accounts that may share the same passwords is a good place to start to prevent further damage.

  • Family and friends. Informing the closest people in your circle will ensure they are on high alert and extra protective of their own data. Not only does proximity increase the chance of being targeted, but everyone has the potential to be victim to scams.

  • Law enforcement. Since scams are a form of fraud, notifying law enforcement in a timely manner can begin an investigation quickly and can inform others about the scam. Every state has a Consumer Protection department which deals with issues such as consumer complaints and rights. Contact them for assistance.

  • Banking institutions. If the scammer gains access to your banking information, contacting the appropriate bank is a good start.  Once you report that you are a victim of fraud to the bank, they can help you check on suspicious activity, replace your card, or put an alert on your account. 

  • Federal Trade Commission. Reporting the scam to the FTC ensures they are more productive in protecting consumers.

  • Review financial accounts. This step can be tedious, but looking through all bank and credit card statements is important. As a result of your review, you may find it necessary to contact your credit card company and financial institutions to open new accounts.

If you have an aging parent, talk with them about scams and reporting odd phone calls or anything that appears to be threatening. Often they are embarrassed they fell for a scam and don’t report it.

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Updated October 2018

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