Index/Check Sheets
Index/Check Sheets
Section 1
General Regulations
Section 2
Local Exchange Service
Section 3
Service Connection Charges
Section 4
Mileage Charges
Section 5
Construction and Attachment Charges
Sheet 1-45
Sheet 1-45
Sheet 46-73
Sheet 46-73
Section 7
Pay Telephone Line Service
Section 8

PA PUC No. 500

Index/Check Sheets
Sec 1
Custom Calling Service
Sec 2
Directory Assistance Service
Sec 3
Advanced Calling Service
Sec 4
Reserved for Future Use
Sec 5
Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) - Primary Rate Interface (PRI)
Sec 6
Relocation Forwarding Service (RFS)
Sec 7
Operator Services
Sec 8
Reserved for Future Use
Sec 9
Directory Listings
Sec 10
Off Premises Extension
Sec 11
Line Hunting
Sec 12
Rearrangement Repair/Charge

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