Optional Calling Plan
Optional Calling Plan
Title Pages
Title Pages
Section A
Definitions of Terms
Section B
General Regulations
Section C
Local Exchange Service
Section D
Service Connection Charges
Section E
Charges Applicable Under Special Conditions
Section F
Directory Listings
Section G
Paystation Service
Section H
Direct Inward Dialing (DID) Service
Section I
Reserved for Future Use
Section J
Key and Pushbutton Telephone Service
Section K
PBX and PABX Service
Section L
Centrex Service
Section M
Miscellaneous Services
Section Mc
Miscellaneous Equipment
Section N
Connection with Certain Facilities and/or Equipment of Others
Section O
Data Service
Section P
Intrastate Access Services
Section Q
Reserved for Future Use
Section R
Reserved for Future Use
Section S
Custom Calling Services
Section T
Private Line Service
Section U
Miscellaneous Service Arrangements
Section V
Reserved for Future Use
Section W
Low Income Assistance Programs
Section X
CATV Pole Attachment and Cable Duct Arrangements
Section Y
Exchange Area Maps
Section Z
Reserved for Future Use
Access Concurrence
Customer Bill of Rights
Bundled Services


For information regarding Interstate Access Services for: Butler, Peoples (AL), Arizona Telephone, Southwestern (AZ), Delta, Strasburg (CO), Quincy (FL), Blue Ridge, Camden, Nelson-Ball Ground, Quincy (GA), CCI, Tipton, Tri-County (IN), Leslie (KY), Somerset (ME), Arvig, Bridgewater, Mid-State (with the exceptions of KMP) (MN), Hollis, Kearsarge, Merrimack County, Union, Wilton (NH), OCSI (OK), Williston (SC), Concord, Tellico, Tennessee Telephone (TN), Amelia, Virginia Telephone (VA), Badger, Central State, Mid-Plains, Midway, Mt. Vernon, Riverside, Stockbridge, Utelco, Waunakee (WI), please view the JSI Interstate Access Tariff No. 1 for Terms and Conditions and Section 17 for Rates and Charges.

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