Title Page through Section 16
[See below for a description of the Title Page through Section 16. Refer to Section 17 below for a description of the Rates and Charges]
Title and Issuing Carriers
Check Sheet
Check Sheet
Table of Contents
General Information
Concurring Carriers
Connecting Carriers
Other Participating Carriers
Service Marks
Trade Marks
Explanation of Symbols
Explanation of Abbreviations
Reference to other Tariffs
Reference to Technical Publications
Section 1
Application of Tariff
Section 2
General Regulations
Undertaking of the Telephone Company
Obligations of the Customer
Payment Arrangements and Credit Allowance
Section 5
Access Ordering
Ordering Requirements
Access Orders for Services Provided by More Than One Telephone Company
Charges Associated with Access Ordering
Minimum Periods and Cancellations
Section 6
Switched Access Service
Undertaking of the Telephone Company
Obligations of the Customer
Rate Regulations
Description and Provision of Feature Group A (FGA)​
Description and Provision of Feature Group B (FGB)
Description and Provision of Feature Group C (FGC)
Description and Provision of Feature Group D (FGD)
Chargeable and Nonchargeable Optional Features
Database Services​
Section 7
Special Access Service
Rate Regulations​
Surcharge for Special Access Service
Metallic Service
Telegraph Grade Service
Voice Grade Service
Program Audio Service
Video Service
Digital Data Service
High Capacity Service
Synchronous Optical Channel Service
Digital Access Cross Connect Service
Individual Case Filings​
Section 9
Reserved for Future Use
Section 10
Special Federal Government Access Services
Emergency Conditions
Facility Availability
Federal Government Regulations
Service Offerings to the Federal Government
Rates and Charges​
Section 11
Special Facilities Routing of Access Services
Section 12
Special Construction
Section 13
Additional Engineering, Additional Labor and Miscellaneous Services
Additional Engineering
Additional Labor
Miscellaneous Services
Unauthorized Primary Interexchange Carrier (PIC) Change
Blocking Service
Billing Name and Address Service
Originating Line Screening (OLS) Service
Nonchargeable Confirmation Services
Coin Supervision Additive Service
Central Office Blocking Service
Flexible Automatic Number Identification Service
Local Number Portability​
Section 14
Reserved for Future Use
Section 15
Access Service Interfaces and Transmission Specifications
Switched Access Service
Special Access Service​
Section 16
Public Packet Data Network
Frame Relay Service
Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) Service
Symmetrical Digital Subscriber Line (SDSL) Service
Ethernet Transport Service (ETS)​
Multi-Megabit Ethernet Transmission Service (METS)
High Speed Internet (HIS) Access Service
Asynchronous Transfer Mode Cell Relay Access Service (ATM-CRS)
Stand-Alone Broadband Network Transport (SABNT)​
Section 17
Rates and Charges
Group A
Camden (GA), Mt. Vernon (WI), OCSI (OK), TN Tel (TN)
Group B
​Arvig (MN), Badger (WI), Blue Ridge (GA), Bridge Water (MN), Central State (WI), Concord (TN), Mid-Plains (WI), Mid-State with exception of KMP (MN), Nelson-Ball Ground (GA), Quincy (FL), Quincy (GA), S&S (WI), Strasburg (CO), Tellico (TN), Utelco (WI)
Group C
Butler (AL), CCI (IN), Kearsarge (NH), MCT (NH), Hollis (NH), Peoples (AL), Somerset & Edwards (ME), Southwestern (AZ), Continental (OH), Williston (SC)
Group D
​Amelia (VA), Arizona Tel (AZ), Delta County (CO), Leslie County (KY), Midway (WI), Riverside (WI), Home Pittsboro, Tipton & Tri-County (IN), Union (NH), Virginia Tel (VA), Waunakee (WI), Wilton (NH)
Group E
Hornitos & Winterhaven (CA), Hampden, Hartland, The Island & Warren (ME), CCM (MI), SE Mississippi (MS), Deposit, Port Byron, Oriskany Falls & Vernon (NY), Deposit & Sugar Valley (PA), McClellanville & St. Stephen (SC), New Castle (VA), and Ludlow (VT)
Group F
Potlatch (ID), CCSI & Home-Waldron (IN), West Penobscot (ME), Chatham, Shiawassee & Wolverine (MI), Calhoun City & Myrtle (MS), Mid-America (OK), Asotin (OR), Humphreys Cty (TN), Asotin (WA), Dickeyville, Eastcoast, Farmers & Southeast, Tenney (WI)
Group G
​Happy Valley (CA), Camden & M&F (IN), Lewisport & Salem (KY), Cobboseecontee (ME), Island (MI), Winsted (MN), Township (NY), Arcadia, Little Miami & Oakwood (OH), M&M (PA), Northfield & Perkinsville (VT), Lewis River (WA), BB&W, Black Earth, Bonduel, Grantland, Mosinee, Scandinavia & State Long Distance (WI)
EUCL and FUSC - All Companies

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