Section 1
Title Sheet, Table of Contents and Index
Section 2
General Provisioning of Service Terms and Conditions
Section 3
Section 4
Local Exchange Services
Section 5
General Services
Section 6
Special Transmission Arrangements
Section 7
Optional Services
Section 8
Directory Service
Section 9
Service Charges
Section 10
Interexchange Services
Section 11
IntraLATA Presubscription
Section 12
Construction Charges
Section 13

CCI Access (JSI)

Title Sheet
​Concurrence and Exceptions
​Check Sheets
Title Page through Section 16​ (JSI Check Sheets not applicable to this tariff. Use the Check Sheet link above)

The following sub-sections are not applicable to Intrastate Access Services

3. FUSC, ISDN Line Ports, DSL Line Ports & CBOL
4. End User Access Service
7.4 Metallic Service
7.5 Telegraph Grade
7.7 Program Audio
7.8 Video Service
8. Digital Subscriber Line Access Services
10. Special Federal Government Access Services
13.4 Presubscription
13.15 Access Recovery Charge (ARC)
13.16 Local Number Portability
16.1 Frame Relay Service
16.7 ATM-CRS16.8 Stand-Alone Broadband Network Transport (SABNT)
16.9 Internet Protocol Gateway Access Service

Section 17 (Rates and Charges)

The following sub-sections are not applicable to Intrastate Access Services

17.1.1 End User Access Service
17.1.2 Federal Universal Service Charge
17.4.4 Access Recovery Charge
17.4.5 Special Federal Government Access Services

CCI Rates - Group C
Tipton and Tri-County Rates - Group D
CCSI and Home Waldron Rates - Group F
Camden, Home Pittsboro and Merchants & Farmers Rates - Group G

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