Table of Contents
Section A
Definitions of Terms
Section B
General Provisioning of Service Terms and Conditions
Section C
Local Exchange Service
Section D
Service Connection Charges
Section E
Charges Applicable Under Special Conditions
Section F
Directory Listings
Section G
Coin Telephone Service
Section H
Low Income Assistance Programs
Section I
Foreign Exchange (FX) Service
Section J
Key and Pushbutton Telephone Service
Section K
Private Branch Exchange Service
Section L
Centrex Service
Section M
Miscellaneous Services
Section MC
[Reserved For Future Use]
Section N
Connection with Certain Facilities and/or Equipment of Others
Section O
Data Services
Section P
[Reserved For Future Use]
Section Q
Long Distance Message Telecommunications Service
Section R
[Reserved For Future Use]
Section S
Intrastate Access Service
Section T
Private Line Service
Section U
[Reserved For Future Use]
Section V
Virtual Telephone Network (VTN)
Section W
[Reserved For Future Use]
Section X
[Reserved For Future Use]
Section Y
[Reserved For Future Use]
Section Z
[Reserved For Future Use]

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