Table of Contents
Preliminary Statement (Includes Exchange Maps)
Schedule A-1
Exchange Services
Schedule A-2
Mileage Rates
Schedule A-3
N11 Services
Schedule A-4
Reserved for Future Use
Schedule A-5
IntraLATA Leased Line and Private Line Telephone Service
Schedule A-6
Directory Listings
Schedule A-7
Supplemental Equipment
Schedule A-8
Line Extension and Service Connection Charges in Suburban Areas
Schedule A-9
Visit Charge
Schedule A-10
Touch Calling Service
Schedule A-11
Connection of Customer-Provided Terminal Equipment
Schedule A-12
Custom Calling Services
Schedule A-13
Multi-Element Service Charges
Schedule A-14
Universal Lifeline Telephone Service
Schedule A-15
Billing Surcharge/Surcredits
Schedule A-16
Universal Lifeline Telephone Service Surcharge
Schedule A-17
Inside Wiring Maintenance Service
Schedule A-18
Seasonal Residential Service
Schedule A-19
Direct Inward Dialing (DID) Service
Schedule A-20
Local Service Guarantee Program
Schedule A-21
Promotional Campaigns
Schedule A-22
Intrabuilding Network Cable
Schedule A-23
E 9-1-1 Service
Schedule A-24
Voice Mail Service
Schedule A-25
Payphone Service
Schedule A-26
Centrex Service
Schedule A-27
Carrier Selection Process for Equal Access
Schedule A-28
Private Service Line
Dedicated DS1 Service (DS1)
Schedule A-29
California Teleconnect Fund Discounted Services
Schedule A-30
Advanced Calling Services
Schedule A-31
Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) - Primary Rate Interface (PRI)
Schedule A-32
Relcation Forwarding Service (RFS)
Schedule A-33
Digital Transport Service (DTS)
Schedule B-1
Message Telecommunications Service
Schedule B-2
Products and Services for the Disabled
Schedule B-3
Customer-Provided Residence Interior Wiring
Schedule B-4
Surcharge to Fund Public Utilities Commission Reimbursement Fee
Schedule B-5
Access Service
Schedule B-6
Local Area Operator Assistance Service
Schedule B-7
IntraLATA Wide Area Telecommunications Service
Rule No. 1
Rule No. 2
Description of Service
Rule No. 3
Application for Service
Rule No. 4
Rule No. 5
Special Information Required on Forms
Rule No. 6
Establishment and Reestablishment of Credit
Rule No. 7
Rule No. 8
Rule No. 9
Rendering and Payment of Bills
Rule No. 10
Disputed Bills
Rule No. 11
Discontinuance and Restoration of Service
Rule No. 12
Rates and Optional Rates
Rule No. 13
Interruptions and Failures of Service
Rule No. 14
Line Extensions, Service Connections & Facilities on Premises of Customer
Rule No. 15
Telephone Directories, Listings and Numbers
Rule No. 16
Customer's Private Service Not for Public Use
Rule No. 17
Business and Residence Service
Rule No. 18
Priority of Establishment and Supersedure of Service
Rule No. 19
Legal Requirements for Refusal or Discontinuance of Service
Rule No. 20
Facilities to Provide Replacement of Aerial with Underground Facilities
Rule No. 21
Nonpublished Service
Rule No. 22
Limitation of Liability
Rule No. 23
Release of Credit Information and Calling Records
Rule No. 24
Demarcation Points
Rule No. 25
Special Construction of Exchange Facilities
Rule No. 26
State of Emergency
Standard Forms