Lifeline National Verifier States’ Application

Lifeline now is managed by the national centralized system called the National Verifier. This system determines if consumers are eligible for Lifeline credits and manages the annual Lifeline renewal process.

You can apply for Lifeline by visiting or you may print an application at that web-site by selecting your state in the drop down menu and then selecting ‘use a paper form.’ Send your completed form to the address listed on the application.

If you have questions concerning how to apply or questions about a submitted application, please call the Lifeline National Verifier at 1-800-234-9473.

You can learn more about the Lifeline National Verifier by visiting and selecting “How to Use It” under the National Verifier in the left toolbar.

Please note: Because the National Verifier manages Lifeline, TDS is no longer able to accept your Lifeline application.

Once the Lifeline National Verifier approves your application, contact TDS to activate your Lifeline benefits. You will be required to provide TDS the information you listed on the application which may include your legal name, date of birth and last four digits of your social security number to activate the Lifeline benefits.

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