After updating your password, you may need to update other TDS Services, such as personal pages and news groups with the new password.  

In addition, you may need to update your DSL Modem/Gateway password:
To complete the following steps, you must use the computer connected to your modem.  This can not be completed remotely.

Browse to your Actiontec DSL Gateway setup menu by clicking one of the two links below. If you are unable to browse to one link, try the other.  For example, if Legacy Setup loads a blank page, try the Current Setup link.  This is intentional, as only one link will work given the type of modem you are using.

Once you have the setup menu up, proceed as follows:

  1. Select the option that refers to DHCP.
  2. Select Save and Restart OR the Apply button (this will vary depending on your modem).
  3. Wait approximately 1 to 2 minutes for the modem to apply your settings and reconnect to the Internet.


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