Personal Page Help for customers with an “” email address.

Personal Page Features

  • Your own personal Web site, with 5MB storage space.
  • A unique personal URL, in the following predefined
    format:[YOUR USER NAME]/.
  • 100MB Monthly Data Transfer.
  • Access to our pre written personal pages CGI scripts.

The following are NOT included with personal Web pages:

  • Technical Support: TDS Internet Services is only responsible for
    providing Web storage space. No technical support is available
    for Web design or ftp procedures, besides TDS Support.
  • Microsoft FrontPage Extensions
  • Custom CGI scripts
  • Web Statistics
  • Data storage over 5 MB or data transfer over 100 MB/month
  • Domain name services

If you need any of these features, you need our
commercial Web hosting package.

Enabling Your Personal Page

Enabling your personal page is easy! Go to Manage Your Account and
click on 'Enable Personal Page'. You will see a link appear under your
username. This is the address that you will use to access your page on
the Internet. Click here to go to Manage Your Account now. If you are
prompted to log in, log in with the username and password that you use to
sign on to the Internet. Alternatively, you can use your e-mail address and
e-mail account password.

There is a 20 minute delay between the time you click "activate personal
page" and the time that personal page will become available.

Accessing Your Personal Page

Your Personal Page will be at the following address where the username
is the same as the username you currently use to log onto the

Example:Mary Smith might have a username of marysmith. After
enabling her personal page in Manage Your Account, she can then
access her page by entering
into a Web browser.

Creating Your Web page

You will need some software to create Web pages (Microsoft FrontPage,
Dreamweaver, etc.) Many such editors are available. You will also need
some ftp client software (WS_FTP, SmartFTP, Fetch etc.)

Once you have created your pages, you will then need to upload them
using your FTP client.

Uploading Your Personal Page

You may choose not to use our template to create your personal web
page, however, this method is not recommended for the novice web page
designer. If custom web page development using HTML programming is
your choice, then, you must have an FTP program and a web page creation
tool loaded on your computer before you begin.

Your FTP User ID and Password will be the same as your dial-up

For FTP account verification only, call: TDS Internet Services Help Desk
1-888-815-5992. The Help Desk will not support general FTP or design
questions, only verify the existence of your account.

Once you have a FTP client and it is properly configured, you must design
and write a web page in HTML. TDS Internet Services recommends Web
Page Creation programs such as Hot Dog Editor or Microsoft FrontPage
(we will not support the extensions/bots within this editor). TDS Internet
Services, however, will not support or trouble shoot problems with these
tools. Please contact the software vendor directly and ask about support
pricing options.

Personal Pages FTP Instructions:

TDS Internet Services Personal Pages have specific instructions for their
FTP accounts. Use the following Information when FTPing to the TDS
Internet Services Personal Pages Server:

User ID: Your Dial-up User ID
Password: Your Dial-up Password

FTP Information should be entered as shown below:

Host Name -
Host Type - Automatic detect
User ID - Your Dial-up User ID (including the "" portion)
Password - Your Dial-up Password
Account - BLANK
Remote Host - BLANK
Local PC - C:\Directory on your hard drive where your pages are

Anonymous Login - Blank

All files need to be uploaded to the "public_html" folder you will see
on the server or "remote" side of your FTP program.

"index.html" must be the name of your home page.

Uploading Images

Your Personal Page can be used as an alternative to emailing large
attachments, such as images. Upload the file the using FTP, just as with
your HTML page. The website address will include the filename.
Example: If Mary Smith uploaded a picture called newpic.jpg then the
website address is
If you want to upload an image, the file can be saved in 3 popular varieties.
Those are: .JPG, .GIF, and .BMP. They actually are different, mostly in
that a .BMP (bitmap) is much larger in size than either of the other
2 options. Remember, your Personal Page does have a 5 Megabyte limit
and just 1 BMP file could be several Megabytes. Therefore, if you have a
program that will allow you to change your file to a JPG or a GIF, you will
have room for a lot more pictures! If you have Windows XP, Microsoft paint
allows you to change your pictures to a GIF or a JPG, but there are other
third party programs that can make those files even smaller.

Design/programming of your personal page is your responsibility.

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